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Start Planning Your Vegetable Garden.

Spring is here and now is the time to start planning a vegetable garden.

The University of Vermont EXTESION Master Gardener’s Zones 3-4 Planting Schedule is a great resource to start with.  As it gives you a list of vegetables, when to start seeds indoors, when to start seeds or plant plants outdoors, the best spacing between rows and plants and at what depth to plant along with approximately how many seeds in a package.  Allowing you not only to determine when to plant but also to determine what you have space for, how many packets you need to buy. Take this information along with the additional two articles listed below that provide information on how to start seeds and what you can use for starting containers and you should have enough information to make a good start. As you will see when you visit the chart, some seeds should be started now.


Here are some links to help you get started:

UVM Extension Master Gardener’s Planting Schedule article “How to Start Seeds Indoors” article “What You Need To Know About Seed Starting Containers”.


We hope these articles will inspire/prepare you to start a successful vegetable garden.

A great activity for young and old alike, happy gardening!



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    Preparing for closing and making your move!

    Preparing for closing and making your move!

    Closing has been scheduled and it is now a few weeks before closing. There are several things to think about getting done to be sure your move goes smoothly!


    Cancelling or transferring the utilities for the day of closing.

    Request a final water reading.

    Changing your mailing address with the post office, doctors, financial companies, etc.

    Cancel any home deliveries such as newspaper and auto shipments. There are many more items to think about depending on the type of move you are making, in state or out of state moves. Our Moving Checklist offers a list of items you may need to think about!

    Call us to get a copy of our Moving & Change of Address Checklists


    Kids & Moving

    Young children can be very reluctant to move, even teens. Their whole lives might have been spent in the house you have lived in only a few years. Make the move as easy as Possible for them.

    A few things that can help;

    Show them the new home, neighborhood, school, parks and all the areas around.

    Let them help you with the packing. 

    Plan activities to celebrate your new home.

    Ours Kids & Moving document shares a list of ways to help your children be more comforted and welcoming of the move and provides a list of books to help with the transition.

    Call us to get a copy of our Kids & Moving


      Couple days before closing.

    Your attorney should be providing you with a Closing Disclosure that details all the expenses, mortgage payoffs and what your final proceeds are, that you will be obtaining at closing. It is important to go over this with them in case you have any questions or concerns.

    Collect all keys and garage door openers and either leave on the kitchen counter or bring to the closing. If not packed yet, bring the original Property Tax Bill to provide to the buyer.

    Due to Covid closings have been completed by Power of Attorney and not in person. Depending on the closing office, sometimes the buyer or buyer & seller can attend. As the Governor continues to open the spicket hopefully we will be back to in person closings again. We sure do miss seeing the thrill on our clients faces as they complete their home transactions.

    Closing is done! Congrats!

    Although the closing is over, we value long lasting relationships with our clients and referrals of your family and friends.  We are here for you  with any questions you may have, real estate related or not!


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      You have received an offer; how do you choose?

           You have received an offer; how do you choose?

      When you receive an offer, we help you review more than just the amount of money you will net, but the terms that are in the offer as well.  It is important to know what those terms are and what they can mean for you and getting to the final goal of closing. Some examples of terms are inspections, timing, financing and many other contingencies that can cause your sale to become delayed or worse fail. This becomes extremely important when you are in the position of multiple offers. Sometimes the highest price may not be the best offer when looking at all the terms that could be included. We will help you decipher and compare the offers to determine which one would best suit your needs. If the offer(s) do not meet your needs or wants, we can help you prepare a counter offer.


      You have accepted the offer, what is next?

      Once you’ve agreed to an acceptable offer, our Closing Coordinator, Shannon, will work with you, the selling agent, and your attorney to make sure all contingencies are completed in a timely manor and keeping everything on track to close on time. She will create you a Closing Check List that will help you keep track of the timeline of not just items you need to complete but the buyer as well. This will help you understand exactly where you are in the process at any given time.

      As the contract processes the buyer will make their formal application with their lender and have the appraisal ordered. They will also schedule any inspections they are planning to complete, building inspection, radon testing, water testing etc. The seller will order any inspections that were requested and agreed to. These typically would be septic pumping and inspection and heating system inspection. Once these are all complete and satisfied, we are almost there.

      To complete the process, once the appraisal is finished and buyer’s attorney completes a title search and both are submitted to the lender along with all requested paperwork from the buyer, the file will go into under writing to be approved and obtain a Clear to Close. We can then schedule the closing! This process is just about done!



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        Happy St. Patrick's Day

        This year we not only can enjoy the wonderful local truck parade put on by SD Ireland, but  also have a chance to enjoy the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


        Enjoy St. Patrick's Day with the S.D. Ireland Parade

        Leaving their Williston location at 3:30pm on March 17th, 2021 and traveling thru Williston, So Burl, Winooski and Burlington.

        Click Here for the Parade Route.


        NYC Virtual Parade, March 17th.  (info from

        The 2021 New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. The Parade is the oldest and largest parade in the world and has marched on the streets of New York City every year since 1762, fourteen years before the Declaration of Independence that established the United States of America. This year will mark the 260th St Patrick’s Day parade in New York City.

        We invite everyone across the world to join us and be part of the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day in New York City, as we honor the representatives for all the brave men and women who have done so much for so many during the pandemic and 9/11.



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          How to prepare your home for showings & our marketing plan at a glance!

          How to prepare your home for showings & our marketing plan at a glance!


          You are about to list your home and need to know what you should do to get it prepared for photos and showings.  When presenting your home to prospective buyers, first impressions are crucial.  Making sure your house looks its’ best on the inside and outside is key to making the right first impression.  We have a list of things to do that can help you can boost your home’s salability and sale price.

          We are also happy to help guide you in the staging of your home and give you tips on things that could use a little updating such as painting, carpet cleaning, repairs and completing any recommended inspections.

          Call us for a copy of - Big List of Things To Do when Getting Ready to Sell Your House!    


          The Marcelino Team Marketing Plan

          We are committed to offering the highest standards of professional service to all our clients.  To assure you that your property is marketed to its fullest potential and to obtain the highest possible price, we have a complete marketing plan we implement to every new listing. This marketing plan includes much more than just putting up a sign and placing your listing into MLS.  Dawna and Shannon work together to put the marketing plan into action.

          Call us for a copy of – The Marcelino Team Marketing Plan


          Showing your home

          First and foremost, it is important you know the guidelines we will follow due to the pandemic.

          Agents & Buyers are to fill out a Real Estate Access Questionnaire prior to entering the home and are to wear masks while in the home. Surface touching is to be limited and surfaces are to be wiped down before leaving. It is important to us that you are protected.


          Our Big List of Things To Do when Getting Ready to Sell Your House also includes Tip for Showings!  

          Call us today for a copy!


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            Daylight Savings, Spring Forward!

            This year Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday March  14th, when the majority of the USA will be “springing ahead” as they change the clocks. 


            9 Easy Ways To Help Your Body Adjust To The Time Change


            by Deborah Tukua Updated: March 2, 2021

            If you find it difficult adjusting to the time change, you’re not alone. Try these easy ways to help your body adjust.


            Spring Forward With Caution! 

            One study found a 6 percent rise in workplace injuries on the

            Monday after the daylight-saving time change. Traffic accidents rise 11 percent, following the time change too, so drive and work with extra caution the week of the time change.


            9 Easy Ways To Help Your Body Adjust

            1. Get some sun! 

            2. Coffee timing.

            3. Plan your workouts.

            4. Dim all the lights.

            5. Unwind.

            6. Take a bath!

            7. Herbal tea time.

            8. Try supplements.

            9. Hit the hay early.


            Please do not forget this is the prefect time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors!


            Low Inventory, Abundance of In and Out of Sate Buyers, Low Rates!

            Call us 802-846-8460 for a FREE Market Pricing Study!



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              How much is my home worth? What should I ask? How long will it take to sell?

              How much is my home worth? What should I ask? How long will it take to sell?

              The best way to determine your home’s value is by comparing it to the current market. This can be done with a Comparative Market Analysis, (CMA).  A CMA will show what homes have sold for like yours using location, age, size, construction, style, condition, and other factors for the subject property. Financial adjustments may need to be made to make the home as equal as possible. Looking at properties that have recently sold will enable you to see what home sellers in your area have actually received over the last few months. It is also important to note that these selling prices are used by lending institutions to determine how much they will lend buyers for a home like yours. The CMA will also show what homes are currently on the market similar to your home. Looking at the properties currently for sale will enable you to assess the alternatives that a serious buyer has to choose from. It will also help to ensure that you do not underprice or overprice your property. It is important to work with your Realtor® to decide what the asking price should be based on the current market conditions.

              Another important factor is that it will also show approximately how long it may take to sell. This is important in allowing you to plan the timing of your move.

              Not all real estate agents are the same. There are millions in the market today and their experience and dedication to their profession and clients can vary widely. If you are serious about selling we would be happy to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for you at no cost to you.

              How are we different?

              Don & Shannon together offer 72 years of experience  and are committed to further education to give their customers and clients THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE POSSIBLE.

              Don carries the Certified Residential Specialist designation. A Certified Residential Specialist  is a REALTOR® who has completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate. CRS agents are among the top 3 percent of all real estate agents in the U.S. They have more experience, education, and training than the average REALTOR® and are members of a community of agents dedicated to improving the real estate industry.

              In 2020 Shannon earned the Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification. PSA certification provides REALTORS® with knowledge and skills to select appropriate comparable and make accurate adjustments, guide sellers and buyers through the details of comparative market analyses and the underlying pricing principles that inform them, and interact effectively with appraisers.


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                You are thinking of selling, where do you start?

                You are thinking of selling, where do you start?

                Step 1 – Find a Realtor® 

                Realtors®, not the same as a real estate agent, are members of the National Association of Realtors® and must follow a strict Code of Ethics.  As a client, a Realtor represents you and has a fiduciary duty to represent your best interests.

                A Realtor® will help you every step of the way from getting your home prepared to get on the market, pricing, marketing, negotiations, closing and after!

                The Marcelino Team, having over 76+ years of combined experience in real estate sales, offers a Team of      Professionals to help you every step of the way. Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, Client Care Manager and a Closing Coordinator.

                Let's face it; no one is great at everything! We have the wonderful opportunity to bring together our unique individual talents, strengths, and passion and together, we make up a sensational and dynamic real estate team dedicated to providing a high level of professionalism and results-oriented service. Everyone on our team is dedicated to performing their specialized duties allowing us to run efficiently and to the best of our abilities. Our team answering client questions right away eases the stress in a transaction because clients do not have to wait for one individual to find out information or return a call.

                We have implemented customized systems to ensure you are well-informed on every detail regarding the marketing of your home and the closing process. When you talk to one of us, it is like talking to all of us. We believe that delivering the most up-to-date and relevant information is key to our success. As a result, you receive very personalized service with the benefits of a team of professionals always working in your best interests! We believe selling your home is a team effort. We are in this together.

                More to come in our next email – How much is my home worth? What should I ask?



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                  Vermont Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Credit Claim

                  Vermont Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Credit Claim 2021 Form HS-122

                  DUE DATE: April 15, 2021

                  You may file up to Oct 15, 2021, but the town may assess a penalty. For details on late filing, see the instructions.

                  This form must be filed each year by every Vermont resident whose property meets the definition of a homestead. 

                  A Vermont homestead is the principal dwelling and parcel of land surrounding the dwelling, owned and occupied by a resident individual as the individual’s domicile on April 1. If your homestead is leased to a tenant on April 1, you may still claim it as a homestead if it is not leased for more than 182 days in the 2021 calendar year.


                  Documents You Will Need:

                  *Copy of 2020/2021 property tax bill

                  *Income information for you, your spouse/civil union partner, and all other members of the household
                   such as W-2, 1099, SSA-1099, SSA-1042S, RRB-1099, RRB-1045, business income information

                  *The property owner’s Social Security Number

                  *The property’s School Property Account Number (SPAN) printed on the property tax bill


                  How to file:                                                 (NOTE: Form may be included in your tax return.)

                  Send the HS-122 & HI-144 forms to the Vermont Department of Taxes OR File your claim online at If you need assistance filing this form, please consult your tax accountant.






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                    National Dog Biscuit Day!

                    Feb 23rd Was National Dog Biscuit Day!

                    We meant to share this yesterday, but computer issues got in the way.  I don’t think the dogs will mind if their homemade dog biscuit is late.

                    We thought this could be a great activity for school vacation week, have the kids create homemade dog biscuits for their favorite dog, be it their own, a friends or neighbor’s dog. 

                    Click here to visit to find out the history of National Dog Biscuit Day and multiple dog biscuit recipes to pick from.  Then have fun creating and sharing with your favorite dog(s).

                    Just remember if you choose a peanut butter based recipe, to read your peanut butter ingredients label as some have an all natural sugar substitute “xylitol” that’s ok for people but extremely poisonous to dogs.





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