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Don's Favorite Holiday Memory

Don’s Holiday Memories

It’s been many years with many memories. It means so much for so many. As the days grow shorter and colder it seems to create that warm feeling. Trips out to visit family, shop, walk Church Street, rides to see all the lights and cut down a Christmas tree. (Always on the coldest day and in the snow.) 


 As a child I remember trudging through what seemed like waist deep snow going to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. The whole family would gather and celebrate the evening. It was always warm and cozy and decorated in a festive way. There were plenty of special dishes of food and Holiday cheer.


When I started my own family, it was so exciting to share the time with my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter. So many trips out to all the relatives to make sure to see everyone over the holiday season. Lots of planning and adjusting schedules. The feeling of seeing the excited look in a child’s eyes.


                   So many memories over the years. Everyone please have a safe and Happy Holiday season.                     

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