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Amy's Favorite Holiday Memory

Amy’s Favorite Holiday Memory

A retelling of Aesop's fable The Town Mouse and the Country...


If you have read the Aesop Fable, City Mouse Country Mouse, you will know exactly what I mean when I say as a young child it was difficult to be pulled between the “city” life where you lived and the “country” life where you wanted to be! I grew up in South Burlington, VT but longed to be with my grandparents in Jay, VT.

Christmas morning smells of the homemade donuts, pies, pancakes, eggs, toast, and coffee would wake us! The smells coming from the kitchen were exciting enough but there would also be a beautiful tree waiting for all of us! We would with Aunts and Uncles and cousins gather to open gifts that we usually already knew what they were. The gift truly was to hear the joyous giggles of our grandparents at the sight of what they had gotten us! You see, it was hard to leave the farm to shop, and online didn’t yet exist, so mom would receive money to purchase the gifts which she then would take us shopping to buy what we wanted. We then would wrap them up and the surprise was more for Gram and Gramp! It was just perfect! We always had handmade items Gram would prepare, but their smiles were the gifts I enjoyed most then and still see as the best memories now.

I mentioned the pancakes- they were the best and the secret ingredient was sour milk.

Recipe for Sour Milk Pancakes


My holiday wish for you is to create memories to last a lifetime. Make sure no matter how busy life is, you take time to enjoy the important things life has to offer.

Happy Holidays! Best, Amy

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