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Dawna's Favorite Holiday Memory

My Favorite Holiday Memory

One of my favorite holiday memories goes back to my first Christmas in my first home.  My husband and I were lucky enough to secure financing for a home not long after we were married.  However, the down side was our budget was very tight and we had to be frugal with our monies. Friends and family would visit us and for some strange reason, no one would take off their coat, hat or gloves during the stay.

I’m thinking it might have had something to do with us trying to keep our fuel bill down. My husbands grandmother was aware of our frugal ways and called us in early December and invited us to her house to make felt Christmas ornaments with her. Every weekend during December we would visit her and her vast supply of patterns and materials and we made enough different ornaments to trim our first tree. 

Every year, as I decorate the tree with these ornaments from our first Christmas, I think of her and cherish those memories, her generosity and how special she made not only our first family Christmas but every Christmas, even now after she is gone.

Below are the directions for one of her felt ornaments and we would love for you to share a favorite holiday memory with us.


CLICK HERE for Printable Directions.

Note: Gram started us out with very simple ornaments.

The Snoopy shown is one of her ornaments which is much more involved being stuffed and sewn with lots of detail. 

1. Print the photo and cut it out for a pattern (can enlarge and make any size you want).

2. Cut out 2 stockings from pattern.

3. Either sew the two pieces together around the outside edge, leaving top open, so you can put items in such as a small candy cane or glue the two pieces together, if you don’t sew.

4. Sew or glue on decorations of your choice.

5. Add a loop of thread at top back to hang it with.


If you make one, we would love for you to share a picture with us.






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