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Thursday's Seller's Corner - Luna & Marlee Pupdate


The newest members of The Marcelino Team are about to turn 6 months old. Luna on 1/22 and Marlee on 1/24. 

What have they been up to and what do they look like now?



Marlee has been super busy learning all there is about life in the Deavitt Household!

We were so lucky to have 4 months of having Bindi and Marlee in our lives.

They shared a bond after the first 3 weeks that was beautiful and often were found snuggling together throughout mom's long work days.  Sadly, on 6.29, we lost our precious Bindi and Marlee has taken some time to adjust to not having her sister. 

Marlee loves to go loves to go on showings and meet mom's clients! She is a buyers lucky charm for sure!  The convertible is her vehicle of choice. She loves country music sitting on her cozy rug to watch CMT every chance she gets! Playing with one or all of the grandkids and extra special snuggles from great gram have created memories to last a lifetime!  Marlee took her first trip to the beach in Maine recently and made a new friend.  We also learned she is quite a "crabber" digging in the sand and coming up with one about ready to latch onto her nose!

At 6.3lbs Marlee is growing quickly! She can be found often in a shopping cart picking out her newest outfit! She keeps us busy and is so much fun!

She never meets a stranger she doesn't like and would love to help me, help YOU with finding your new home!

Amy and Marlee  *  802-238-9743



Luna has been settling in well and has grown so much, now weighing in at 17lbs! 

She LOVES playing with and in her toys and has been trying so hard to play with Samantha. Sammy being almost 14 has been a little leery but has softened some and will lay near Luna and sometimes with her. 

I've learned she is not a fan of selfies but does like to pose for some great photo shoots!

Luna's human brother, Matt, is heading off to Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) soon and she was thinking maybe she might head there with him and got a cute outfit a couple months ago.

I have to say the Snuggle Puppy has been one of the most amazing comfort items for Luna, she sleeps with it every night and often has it in her crate with her. 

Last weekend Luna had her second playdate with her REAL Pomsky brother, Alta. It's fun to watch them roll and run around with each other. 

Luna sometimes goes with me to take photos of homes and put up signs. If you have been thinking of selling and would like Luna to place your sign, give me a call! 

Shannon and Luna  *  802-846-8470

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