You are thinking of selling, where do you start?

You are thinking of selling, where do you start?

Step 1 – Find a Realtor® 

Realtors®, not the same as a real estate agent, are members of the National Association of Realtors® and must follow a strict Code of Ethics.  As a client, a Realtor represents you and has a fiduciary duty to represent your best interests.

A Realtor® will help you every step of the way from getting your home prepared to get on the market, pricing, marketing, negotiations, closing and after!

The Marcelino Team, having over 76+ years of combined experience in real estate sales, offers a Team of      Professionals to help you every step of the way. Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, Client Care Manager and a Closing Coordinator.

Let's face it; no one is great at everything! We have the wonderful opportunity to bring together our unique individual talents, strengths, and passion and together, we make up a sensational and dynamic real estate team dedicated to providing a high level of professionalism and results-oriented service. Everyone on our team is dedicated to performing their specialized duties allowing us to run efficiently and to the best of our abilities. Our team answering client questions right away eases the stress in a transaction because clients do not have to wait for one individual to find out information or return a call.

We have implemented customized systems to ensure you are well-informed on every detail regarding the marketing of your home and the closing process. When you talk to one of us, it is like talking to all of us. We believe that delivering the most up-to-date and relevant information is key to our success. As a result, you receive very personalized service with the benefits of a team of professionals always working in your best interests! We believe selling your home is a team effort. We are in this together.

More to come in our next email – How much is my home worth? What should I ask?



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    Vermont Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Credit Claim

    Vermont Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Credit Claim 2021 Form HS-122

    DUE DATE: April 15, 2021

    You may file up to Oct 15, 2021, but the town may assess a penalty. For details on late filing, see the instructions.

    This form must be filed each year by every Vermont resident whose property meets the definition of a homestead. 

    A Vermont homestead is the principal dwelling and parcel of land surrounding the dwelling, owned and occupied by a resident individual as the individual’s domicile on April 1. If your homestead is leased to a tenant on April 1, you may still claim it as a homestead if it is not leased for more than 182 days in the 2021 calendar year.


    Documents You Will Need:

    *Copy of 2020/2021 property tax bill

    *Income information for you, your spouse/civil union partner, and all other members of the household
     such as W-2, 1099, SSA-1099, SSA-1042S, RRB-1099, RRB-1045, business income information

    *The property owner’s Social Security Number

    *The property’s School Property Account Number (SPAN) printed on the property tax bill


    How to file:                                                 (NOTE: Form may be included in your tax return.)

    Send the HS-122 & HI-144 forms to the Vermont Department of Taxes OR File your claim online at If you need assistance filing this form, please consult your tax accountant.






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      National Dog Biscuit Day!

      Feb 23rd Was National Dog Biscuit Day!

      We meant to share this yesterday, but computer issues got in the way.  I don’t think the dogs will mind if their homemade dog biscuit is late.

      We thought this could be a great activity for school vacation week, have the kids create homemade dog biscuits for their favorite dog, be it their own, a friends or neighbor’s dog. 

      Click here to visit to find out the history of National Dog Biscuit Day and multiple dog biscuit recipes to pick from.  Then have fun creating and sharing with your favorite dog(s).

      Just remember if you choose a peanut butter based recipe, to read your peanut butter ingredients label as some have an all natural sugar substitute “xylitol” that’s ok for people but extremely poisonous to dogs.





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        Getting ready for closing!

        Getting ready for closing!

           Line up movers


           Transfer Utilities


           Buy supplies - Ask us for our New Home Shopping List.


        Preregister for our First Time Home Buyer Event taking Place February 24th @ 7:00PM

        CLICK HERE


        Address Change - Ask us for our Address Change Checklist.   


        Bank check 1-2 days prior to closing - Attorney will let you know how to bring.   


        Final walkthrough day before or day of closing.   


        We also have a detailed Moving Check List and Kids and Moving tip sheet,

        give us a call and we can get you a copy!


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          You are under contract, now what?

          You are under contract, now what?

          Preregister for our First Time Home Buyer Event taking Place February 24th @ 7:00PM

          CLICK HERE

          Time to make your formal application to your lender for a mortgage for the property. We can send the Purchase & Sales for you to help you get started.

          Next get your inspections scheduled. A Building Inspector may not be able to complete all inspections for you. We will help you find the specialized services you may need.

          Pay your appraisal and credit report fee to your lender.

          Choose and attorney to complete the title search and discuss title insurance.

          The bank may ask you for additional paperwork and sometimes repeat paperwork. Be sure to get it to them as quickly as possible to stay on track.

             Reach out to an insurance agent for your homeowners’ policy.

             Your specific contract may include additional contingencies specific to the property you are purchasing and our Closing Coordinator will be guiding you through the contract timeline to be sure you complete everything on time.

             We also will be creating a Closing Check List for you to be sure you have a simple timeline to follow to complete your  contingencies!


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            Valentine's Day Date Night Game: Conversation Stones

            Valentine’s Day Date Night Game: Conversation Stones

                Found this game on Love the idea, so thought we  would share it. Hope it creates a time        of great conversation and memories!

                Happy Valentine’s Day!

                Sincerely, The Marcelino Team


            Supplies Needed

            A bag of clear glass stones*

            Craft glue*


            Pink printer paper (or any color you have)

            A paint brush



            Decide what to put on your conversation stones.

            Type them up and print them out. {You will find a free Conversation Starter printable on}.

            Cut out the conversation starters.

            Paint glue on the back of each stone and adhere the paper on it (face side down) .

            Paint a few coats of the white glue on the back of the paper as well to ensure it stays on. (Wait for the glue to dry between each coat.)



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              You found the house! How do you make an offer?

              You found the house!

              How do you make an offer?

              There are a lot of details to take in consideration when writing an offer. It can be very overwhelming trying to be sure you have everything covered at such an exciting time. A Realtor can help provide you with the tools to make your decisions and Realtor that represents you can guide you to be sure you are protected and making a good offer.

              Preregister for our First Time Home Buyer Event taking Place February 24th @ 7:00PM

              CLICK HERE

                 Common Questions;

                 Should you do a home inspection?

                 What other inspections should you know about?

                 How long does finance approval take?

                 Do I need an appraisal?

                 How long until closing?

              How much should I give for an earnest money deposit and where does it go?   

              Do I give the seller a certain amount of time to respond to my offer?   

              Do I need to request a Fire & Safety Inspection?   

              How will I decide the right price to offer?   

              What am I missing?   


              We have ALL these answer for you, give us a call!



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                Now you know how much you can buy! It is time to research the market!

                Now you know how much you can buy! It is time to research the market!

                By aligning with a Realtor, we can help you with your research. With access to our local MLS, we can provide Active, Pending and Sold properties to give you an idea of what the market looks like in your price range and the areas you are looking.

                We also can be sure you know about new listings as soon as they come on the market.

                Did you know with our Mobile Website you can search for properties “Near Me?” SO, if you see a house with a sign out front, you can open the website and click search near me and the property should show up and give you all the details! And of course, if it does not for some reason, just give us a call and we can find out all the details for you. We want to be your one stop shop!

                Lastly, when you find the home you think you want to write an offer on, we can complete a Comparative Market Analysis for you. And if you have signed Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement with a Realtor, we can help guide you in making your offer.

                Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement

                • What is this?
                • Why do I need a Realtor to work for me?
                • How much does a Realtor cost?
                • Give us a call and we can go over all the details!

                Place your trust in a team that works collaboratively through your Real Estate transaction through to closing. You are not just a sale with The Marcelino Team.  Our clients return time and time again to buy and sell with The Marcelino Team.

                Preregister for the First Time Home Buyer Zoom Event here;


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                  SUPER BOWL LV - Cheeseburger Casserole

                  SUPER BOWL LV

                  Kansa City Chiefs  vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                  Great Recipe for Game Day!


                  Cheeseburger Casserole

                  Not sure of its’ origins and measurements are based on desired taste.



                  1 Bag of Potato Crispy Crowns

                  1 Onion chopped

                  1 clove garlic minced


                  1 to 1.5# Hamburger

                  Dill Pickles chopped





                  Preheat oven per Crispy Crown Directions.

                  Bake Crispy Crown for half the time on directions.

                  While baking, chop onion, mince garlic and sauté them in a frypan with a little oil until softened.

                  Add in the hamburger and cook until done.

                  Remove meat mixture from heat and add mustard, ketchup and dill pickles until get desired taste.

                  Place meat mixture in a greased casserole.

                  Top with 4 slices of American cheese, then top with the partially cooked crispy crowns.

                  Bake for the remainder of the crispy crown direction time or until cheese is melted and crowns are crisp.



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                    Considering Buying a home - How do you get started?

                    Considering Buying a home - How do you get started?

                    The Marcelino Team breaks it down for you here step by step. Purchasing a new home is one of the most important steps you will take to secure your future.  Understanding the process will ensure your success! You want to work with trusted advisors. 

                    Step 1 – Align with a Realtor

                    Why Choose The Marcelino Team?

                    · Family owned business with combined 76 years of experience who prides itself on honest, high quality service. We have been serving Homebuyers since 1977. We can guide you through the process from finding the right home, finding the right lender for you (not all lenders are the same and have what you may need for financing), inspection, Attorney, etc.

                    · More to come in the next slide ...

                    Step 2- Align with a Lender

                    Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval? What do I need to provide to prove my income? How will I know how much I qualify for? What do I need for my Realtor to provide proof of funds? These are just some of the questions you will consider in taking this next step.

                    · Begin with The Marcelino Team! We can give you guidance on what you will need for your appointment with your lender.

                    · Consider your current banking institution.

                    · Another local bank or Mortgage Company.

                    · If you aren’t sure where to go, we would be happy to provide you with recommendations.


                    What will I learn from my lender?

                    A lender will tell you based on your income and expenses what you will qualify for in a mortgage and what the estimated monthly expenses would be for that mortgage.

                    Questions to ask your lender.

                    · What type of loan programs do I qualify for?

                    · How much money will I need to put down?

                    · What are closing costs, who are they for and how much do they cost?

                    · Are there any other fees I should know about?

                    What not to do

                    Be sure if you are shopping lenders you do not let them all pull your credit report, this could cause your credit score to drop. Wait until you have made the connection with the lender you want to work with.




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