Home Decor Trends of 2018

The Top 6 Home Decor Trends of 2018,

According to Pinterest

By   Dec 14, 2017

We spend entirely too much time clicking around Pinterest, but apparently we are in good company (looking at all of you here).

According to the site’s year-end report, there was a 75% increase in home-centric Pins this year. We also put our money where our saved images are; people who use Pinterest spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t (sorry, wallets).

Judging by the trending searches, these home decor trends are bound to be big in 2018.

       1. Wall Art- Pins for "wall art" were up 637% this  year.

2. Patterned Plants- Pins for “patterned plants” were up 533% this year.

3. Mixed Metallics- Pins for “mixed metals” were up 423% this year.

4. Terrazzo Flooring- Pins for “terrazzo” were up 316% this year.

5. Statement Ceilings- Pins for “statement ceilings” were up 310% this year.

6. Spa-Inspired Bathroom- Pins, or saves, for "spa bathrooms" were up 269% this year.

Check out the full HouseBeautiful article, CLICK HERE




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    Give your home a fresh look for $0!



    The New Year is a time of fresh starts, so why not give our home a fresh look for the new year. Below are highlights from the January / February 2018  article By Claire Vath that allows you to do just that.


    The $0 Home Makeover                                                                                                      

    Even on a small budget - or no budget at all - you can refresh and renew the spaces in your home with these tips for design experts.                                                                          

    Start Fresh- The best way to start a room makeover is to take everything out of the room to create a   blank canvas. Rearranging furniture within your home can make the space feel new to you again, says Daniela Guini of Daniela Guini Interior Design in Chicago.

    Mix and Match- As you begin rearranging, rethink how and where you use your furnishings. While you’re at it, reconsider some of those matching furniture sets you’ve purchased. Perhaps the living room side table would make a great bedside table, especially with a new coat of paint.

    New Color, New Look- Whether you have enough leftover paint for an accent wall or you just want to breathe fresh life into kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture, “paint, paint, paint,” says Anna Gibson, owner of Reston, Virginia’s AKG Design Studio LLC.

    Remove Art and Mirrors- “We innately feel like we’re supposed to hang decorative art or mirrors,” Guini says, “but try setting the art or mirror on the console table, fireplace mantel or dresser and leaning it against the wall instead.”

    Find New Art You Already Own- That beautiful Christmas card someone sent you last year? Don’t toss it after the holidays. Wrapping paper, art paper, fabric pieces — even magazine covers or images can all become modern, interesting and textural art in frames.

    Pillows- Pillows are a great way to add texture, visual interest and pops of color to any space.

    Natural Items- Items from nature make beautiful seasonal décor that requires no investment and won’t pile up in the attic when you’re done displaying it — you can just toss it outside.     


    Quick Tips:                                                                                                                                                       

    1. Declutter - Getting rid of excess can truly transform the vibe of our homes.                                           

    2. Trade up - Trade items “for keeps,” or just for a while, and refresh two homes at once.                        

    3. Rethink your knickknacks - Before you run out for a new tabletop item, look around your home.                                                                                                                                         

    4. New to you and free, too! - Check out these sources for free, recycled items: The “free” section of your local Craigslist site &                                                                                                      

    For the complete design secrets -check out the full article on Mother Living Earth





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      Nine tips for staying safe in Vermont's extreme cold from BFP

      Nine tips for staying safe in Vermont's extreme cold

      Free Press Staff - Published 1:03 p.m. ET Dec. 27, 2017 | Updated 8:40 a.m. ET Dec. 28, 2017

      Do you know how to stay safe in extremely cold weather? Here are some tips to help you stay out of trouble during Vermont's coldest months (courtesy of the state's health and public safety departments):


      1. Watch out for your fellow humans! Check on those who are housebound to make sure they have heat, food and water.
      2. Have you been to the gas station lately?  Keep your gas tank at least half-full and carry an emergency travel kit, including blankets, extra clothing, flashlight with spare batteries, a can and waterproof matches (to melt snow for drinking water), non-perishable foods, windshields scraper, shovel, sand, towrope and jumper cables.
      3. Curl up inside with a good book.  Limit time outdoors, especially for the elderly and young children.
      4. Keep Fido indoors. Limit your pets' time outdoors.
      5. Don your best long-johns. Wear several layers of dry, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing, rather than a single layer of heavy clothing. 
      6. That nip of whiskey won't help you. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages cause you to lose heat more rapidly.
      7. Like your fingers and toes? Treat them right. Symptoms of frostbite include a loss of feeling and a pale appearance in extremities. Hypothermia signs include shivering, exhaustion, slurred speech and in infants, bright red, cold skin. If symptoms are detected, seek medical help immediately.
      8. Have you been stacking firewood all fall? Here's when it comes in handy. Have sufficient heating fuel for your home.
      9. Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning risks.  If you use a generator, ensure it is used outside, away from open windows, doors or air intakes.  Exhaust from a generator or heating source can cause a buildup of this poisonous gas in the home.  

      More: Can you say cold snap? Either way, Vermont feels a deep freeze.

      Need help with heating or shelter?

      Call Vermont 2-1-1 by dialing 2-1-1 (available 24-hours); or text your zip code to 898211 to reach a call specialist (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays).

      This was taken from the Burlington Free Press Website;


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        Holiday Break Ideas #2

        Family Fun Cooking Indoors



        These little gingerbread houses are PERFECT for kids. The simple a-frame houses are made with graham crackers, so you don't even have to turn the oven on! Use canned frosting or make a batch of buttercream to use as spackle and you're halfway there. The rest is all the fun stuff! We chose a wide variety of candy: twizzlers, candy canes, Dots, peppermints, red hots… there's tons of colorful candy that's perfect for  decorating houses. Choose whatever you like best, just make sure there's a good variety - that way, no house in the neighborhood looks the same! Wanna take the   holiday cheer up a notch? Arrange the completed houses where you'd like to display them and dust them with powdered sugar for a freshly-fallen snow effect. Even the Grinch can't resist these cuties! 



        King Arthur Flour  (located here in Norwich, VT ) has  a nicely detailed printable 14 page .pdf  “Building A Gingerbread House with Susan Reid”  that gives the recipes, step by step directions and templates.  Click on the link below to print a copy and have fun .


        Family Fun Cooking Outdoors



        Gather eight cups of fresh snow, pour in one can of Sweetened Condensed Milk and 1 tsp of vanilla, stir and serve.




        REAL SNOW CONES (Makes 4) 

        In a small saucepan, boil 1 cup sugar and  1 cup water, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Let cool to room temperature. Then add your favorite unsweetened juice, sports drink, instant coffee, or any colorful flavor you like. Once completely cool, drizzle it over scoops of fresh snow.


        MAPLE SNOW CANDY (Makes about 8)

        1. While it’s still snowing, place a clean baking sheet or cookie sheet outside to collect the fresh flakes. When the sheet is full, pack down the snow and allow it to fill up again. Pack down one more time.

        2. In a small saucepan, heat 1 cup of real maple syrup over medium heat until it boils (or a candy thermometer reads between 235F and 245F).

        3. Take the pan off the heat and drizzle the syrup over the packed snow in long strips. Let the syrup strips cool and become firm for 3 to 5 seconds. Pull the candy strips out of the snow, and eat while still a little warm.




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          Holiday Break Ideas #1

          Family Fun Indoors


          Plastic Bottle Bowling

          By Jill Dubien of Meet the Dubiens

          What You’ll Need: 10 plastic bottles, 10 shades of paint (only 1 is needed, the rest are optional),        water, a ball, a glue gun (optional)

          1. Remove the caps from ten bottles and clean the bottles thoroughly.

          2. Locate paint. We used ten different colors, but you can use whatever you have and create whatever color scheme you wish.

          3. Squirt a small amount of paint into each water bottle. If your paint is pretty thick, you'll need to add a small amount (like 1 tsp) of water to each bottle. This will make the paint a little runnier so it will be easier to shake. Don't add too much water (especially if your paint is runny), or your paint won't be thick enough to cover the bottle properly!

          4. Put the caps back on all your bottles and make sure they're tightly secured. Shake each bottle vigorously to spread the paint throughout the bottle. The kids loved this step!

          5. Remove the caps and pour out any excess   liquid. Keep the caps off and allow your paint bottles to dry. We let ours dry        overnight. When dry, put the caps back on. If you're worried that your kids will be able to open the bottles, you could use a glue gun to glue the lids back on. I didn't do that, and my kids have never tried to open them. 

                        6. Grab a ball and start bowling!


          Family Fun Outdoors



          Ice Hanging                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What You'll Need: Pie plate, Water, Yarn, Nature objects (flowers, berries, evergreen sprigs).

          Fill a pie pan with water and line the edge with yarn, making sure the yarn is submerged in the water. Leave the ends of the yarn loose, so you can hang up your project when it's finished. Next, arrange your objects in the center of the pan. You can use fresh or dried flowers, greenery, berries, or anything you like. If the temperature outside is   below freezing, set your plate outdoors. Or you can place it in the freezer. Wait until the yarn and flowers are frozen completely into the ice before removing. Once it is frozen, you can remove the ice circle from the pan. (Dip the bottom of the pan in warm water if you need help removing it.) Now hang it up outdoors on a tree, post, or anywhere its beauty can be seen. Watch your creation sparkle in the sun.




          Snow Boot Two-Step

          This tough-to-master version of follow the leader requires 2 or more players. The leader makes a path in freshly fallen snow.  His or her teammates must try to step in exactly the same spots. The object of the game is to make it seem as if only one person has taken a walk through the snow. Can you pull it off?  It takes balance and agility!  Be sure to bundle up to stay warm and dry.











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            Fun Holiday Games


            White Elephant

            How it works is rather simple. Everyone coming to the party brings a wrapped gift along. Those gifts are all placed in one area together. When it’s time for the actual opening, the first person chooses the gift they would most like. However, the next person can either choose a gift from the table or steal the gift from the individual before. This continues down the line until everyone ends up with a present. Those who were stolen from go back to pick up a new gift, which can’t be taken.

            Musical Chairs

            Everyone shows up to the party with a gift, as usual. However, when reaching the party, they then place their gift on a chair somewhere in the room. Gameplay begins with the host starting a song, something for the holiday or occasion, and everyone circles the presents as it goes on. When the song stops, which is at the host’s discretion, the present in the seat in front of the partygoers is theirs to keep. The guests can open their gift and then use the seat for the rest of the festivities!

            Hot Potato

            This plays, as you might expect. The person with the gift passes it on when the host starts a timer. The people pass the gift around until the timer stops. The person who is holding the gift gets to keep it. They leave the circle and are finished participating. Meanwhile, the game goes on with the next gift. This goes on until everyone has a gift in hand.

            Left or Right

            Before the party begins, the host needs to make up a story that contains many instances of the words ‘left’ and ‘right.’ You can also find some online if you prefer, but creation can be half the fun. Once that’s done, the party gathers as normal with everyone bringing a wrapped present. Everyone will sit with the present they brought in, and the host will explain the rules. As the host reads the story, the packages change hands to the left or right each time the host says these words. The story continues until the end. At this point, each guest has a gift in their hands. They get to keep it, and everyone can open their new and exciting parcel.

            The Numbers Game

            Everyone shows up, and as they do, you take their gifts and mark a number on them. You will then hand them a paper with the same number on it. Ask them to write down an unusual fact about themselves. That paper goes into a hat, and the presents are all collected for later. Once the time comes for gifting, the host will pull a piece of paper from the hat and read out the fact, but not the number. People can then guess who the fact is about. The first person to get it right gets that present and are out of the game for the rest of the time. The game continues until everyone has a shiny new gift.

            If you are not doing a single gift exchange and are having a small get together, this makes for good conversation and fun.

            Holiday Scavenger Hunt

            Before the party begins, the host needs to make up a list of holiday items for the guest to search for and create prizes categories -(like most items found, most unusual, funniest , best picture, best story) and get prizes. With the invitation include the list, the prize categories and directions for the guests to search out and take phone photos of as many items on the list that they can find to bring with them.  At the party have guest share photos and stories about the photos. Then award prizes. Can be done, of course, without prizes also.



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              Winter Newsletter

              At the holidays or year round, decorating your home with damage-free techniques is something we all can get behind. Who wants to spend time repairing and painting.


              Command TM Products:  Not only do they offer   damage free strips and hooks, but also picture ledges, key racks, bath items such as towel bars and caddies, home organizers such as broom grippers and spray bottle hangers, and party aids such as  light clips and banner anchors. Where to Buy: Walmart



              Wall decals: If you are a renter, you’ve probably been instructed not to paint any walls.  As a homeowner, you may want to keep things neutral for resale value. Or maybe you like to decorate according to season or a child’s age. Vinyl decals are a great option. Where to Buy: Target



              Washi tape: Washi tape boasts an adhesive similar to that of masking tape but comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Get creative with your walls or let the kids decorate their walls. Where to Buy: Amazon



              We hope you find these tips helpful! Want to buy all items, make sure to see if one store has them all to save on shipping!


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                Thanksgiving Gratitude Scavenger Hunt


                Thanksgiving will be here in just a few days and  we’ve got you covered with this entertaining idea.


                This gratitude photo scavenger hunt is a fun way to recognize the small stuff and big blessings in life.          

                1. Divide into small groups (2-4 people). Each group needs a digital camera or camera phone.

                2. Determine time limits and boundaries (can people drive? do they have to stay on particular streets?) for getting photos.

                3. Photos don’t have to be taken in order. Circle or check off ones completed.

                4. When time is up, gather and share photos.

                5. Feel blessed!

                Click here to print a PDF version of the Scavenger Hunt




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                  Tasty Thanksgiving Cider Drink Recipes

                  Here are a couple of simple apple cider drinks to enjoy with your Thanksgiving dinner. 


                  SLOW-COOKER APPLE CIDER

                  Total Time: 4:05    Prep: 0:05    Level: Easy    Serves: 8




                  64 oz. apple cider

                  6 chai tea bags

                  2 Cinnamon sticks

                  1 vanilla bean, split

                  1/4 c. lemon juice

                  Apple sticks, for serving

                  Cinnamon sticks for serving

                  Directions: Combine apple cider, chai tea bags, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla bean in slow cooker. Cook on low 3 to 4 hours. Discard tea bags; stir in lemon juice. Serve warm with apple slices. Slow Cooker Apple Cider Recipe Online




                  APPLE CIDER CHAMPAGNE

                  Prep: 5 minutes    Total: 5 minutes    Yield: 6 glasses





                  2 cups apple cider

                  1 bottle champagne

                  cinnamon sugar for rim

                  Directions: Fill shallow plate with cinnamon sugar mixture and dip each rim of glass in water, then in cinnamon sugar mixture to coat. Pour each glass 1/2 full with apple cider and top with champagne. Serve and enjoy! Apple Cider Champagne Recipe Online






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