November Is An Ideal Time To LIST Your Home!

Several studies show that, on average, homes listed during this time are more likely to sell, sell more quickly, and sell closer to the asking price.  Here are some of the reason why November is an ideal time to list your home.


Fewer Listings/Less Competition

Buyers usually have fewer homes to choose from over the holidays.

That means less competition for you and more buyers checking out

your home, either online or in person.


More Motivated Buyers

Buyers looking for a home in November/December, are usually highly motivated buyers.  

The traditional barriers to winter house-hunting (bad weather, short days, school year,

holiday preparations) don't apply.   If your house is available for them to view,

during this time, these buyers are more likely to make an offer close to listing price.


Tax Benefits

A house marketed in November may lure buyers looking for year-end tax breaks.

Buyers looking to lower their taxes may snatch up a home late in the year so they can

deduct home purchase costs.  If someone sold a house during the traditional selling season

and faces capital gains tax on the deal, they may be highly motivated to buy by year end,

since closing on the purchase of another house may let them avoid paying capital gains tax.


Corporate Relocation

The biggest months for corporate relocation are January and February. 

Providing even more very motivated buyers wanting to move quickly and get settled.


If the above information has you thinking about listing, we want to offer you a Free Comparative Market Analysis for your home with no-obligation.

Give us a call and let us set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. And of course, feel free to call us if you have any other real estate needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.




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    2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving!

    Per Food Network Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Countdown Planner, that we shared with you, it’s

    Time to Clean Out Your Freezer, Make and Freeze Pie Dough, or an Entire Apple Pie, 

    Decide on Décor, Freeze Homemade Stock, and Freeze Rolls. Click HERE for 2 week before recipes!


    If you own or want a Breadmaker, try this recipe Dawna in our office uses regularly from Regal Ware, Inc.’s Breadmaker Book.

    This “Butter Rolls” recipe creates rolls that are moist, delicious and best of all easy.


    All Ingredients at room temperature (70-80°F/21-27°C)


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      3 Weeks Before Thanksgiving


      Per Food Network Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Countdown Planner that we shared with you last week.

      Time to get your gear, create a shopping list, shop for drinks and Order a Turkey.

      Below are some local options, click HERE to visit our Blog for the links to their websites.


      Maple Wind Farm in Huntington/Richmond

      We welcome turkey orders for Thanksgiving or any other celebration deserving of a pasture raised turkey!

      We have 2 choices: non gmo grain or certified organic. All turkeys this season are frozen.

      Pickups will be Nov 17 (Burlington Farmers Market at UVM) or Nov 18 at our farm in Richmond.

       Turkeys can be ordered online or by sending in a deposit of $25 by check to our farm.

      Quantities are limited so get your order in early! We do not guarantee exact sizes.


      Adams Turkey Farm in Westford

      Premium Young Vermont Turkey-They are raised just like our chickens, that is, on an all natural and all vegetarian diet

      with no growth hormones or antibiotics. They are raised in large open-air barns where they are free to roam and have

      access to clean, fresh water and food at all times.  They are processed on site and are sold wholesale to many local markets (Healthy Living Market and Café, Sweet Clover Market, Shelburne Market, Steeple Market, City Market, and

      Jericho Market) as well as here off the farm in November. Call to reserve yours for this Thanksgiving!  802-878-4726.


      Misty Knoll Farms in New Haven

      Fresh Vermont Turkeys available fresh September to December, ranging from 14-30 pounds.

      Frozen whole turkeys and associated cuts available the remainder of the year. 

      Look for our wonderful Vermont turkeys and chickens and other products in natural food stores,

      supermarkets, and in fine restaurants throughout Vermont and New England.   

      Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



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        Halloween Safety


        Use face paint whenever possible. However, if you, or your child, are planning to wear a mask for your spooky night out, make sure that the holes for the eyes are large enough to clearly see both straight ahead and  peripherally. You may have to cut the eye openings larger to allow more visibility. If any skin starts to show through the enlarged holes, you can always use some black face paint to cover the exposed areas of the skin. 

        Prepare your child's costume for strong visibility at night by choosing a costume that can be made with bright     materials.  If the theme of the costume does not allow for bright  colors, add reflective tape to your child's costume or treat bag.

        Make sure the costume is the right size to prevent trips and falls.

        Monster Route

        Know the trick or treat route your kids take, especially if you are not going with them.

        Younger children should have adult supervision.  Older children  should go in groups and have them check in       regularly, by phone or by stopping back at home, to make sure they do not deviate from the  preplanned trick or treat route so you will always know where they are and will be.

        Remind children to use sidewalks or paths, if available, and to cross at street corners. Never to dart out into the street or cross from between parked cars.

        Candy from Strangers

        The only time of year you allow your kids to take candy from strangers, you can never be too careful. Make sure your kids understand not to eat any candy or treats until they have been properly examined by you. This allows you to check for any possible tampering with the candy wrappers; and at the same time, you get a chance at the first pick of candy!

        Drive Extra Safely

              Slow down and look extra carefully as excited children may move in unpredictable ways.

              Turn head lights on early.

        Pet Safety

              Don’t feed pets candy and keep glow sticks & jewelry away from your pet.

              Never leave a costume wearing pet unsupervised .

              If taking your pet on your spooky night out, make sure they are wearing something for strong visibility at night also.



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          Simple Fall Craft Idea For The Whole Family!

          One Very Simple Craft with MANY creative possibilities!

          We found good basic directions for this Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin on

          Once you review the simple directions, then decide on what look you want, painted or not, more than 1 color, glue on ribbons to the side of the lid tops or add washi tape to them, hang outside and let rust for a rustic look, add a felt or burlap leaf, tie the cinnamon sticks with raffia or not, use a real stick,  use fewer lids for a more open look or more lids for a fuller look, or add little lights inside. 

          For more ideas google “Images for mason jar lid pumpkins”.

          Have Fun!



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            7 Ways to Experience Fall in Vermont

            7 things you need to properly experience fall in Vermont

            7 unforgettable fall activities in Vermont for family, fun and peace.

            By Dan Foley for Vermont Tourism

            1. Fall in love with the foliage

            No fall vacation in Vermont is complete without specific time set aside to view the foliage. There are lots of great locations.

            2. Take a scenic drive

            The entire state is a picturesque drive, but there are various routes you can hit, depending on where you enter Vermont.

            3. Enjoy a day in town

            Vermont features numerous quaint villages. You’ll be swept off your feet by the charm, history and culture of these towns. Perhaps you’ll never leave!

            4. Get arty

            Something else Vermont offers visitors is its unique artistic flair. Whether you’re ready to pack your own camera, paints and canvas to capture scenic landscapes and fall foliage or immerse yourself in an eclectic arts scene, the Green Mountain State will satisfy your artistic appetite.

            5. Treat your taste buds

            Vermont offers foodies an explosion of flavor -in addition to the rush of color during the fall. From world-class eateries to mom-and-pop diners, it’s all here.  

            6. Head out on a hunting or fishing trip

            Vermont has 800,000 acres of conserved wildlife habitat, making it a prime destination for hunting and fishing. There is an abundance of white-tailed deer, wild turkey, moose, waterfowl and more. Grab your gear and head out.

            7. Hike and bike

            The Green Mountain State lives up to the nickname. Throughout your trip here, the outdoors will be calling you. Whether you prefer to hike, cycle or just meditate in nature, Vermont provides lots of places to do these activities freely.



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