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Tuesday's Home Corner - Cleaning Pet Hair

As a Labrador Retriever owner for many years, hair is a constant.  Cooper is my 2nd Lab of three, and currently my only Lab at 11 years old.  My first Lab was a Black Lab named Joshua and from that time on I have fallen in love with the breed, just not the hair. My 3rd Lab was also Yellow, and I adopted her at 7 yrs. old, her name was Gwen.  Gwen was a retired guide dog and just about the sweetest dog you would ever meet, unfortunately she passed at age 14.5 years just this past December and am still missing my girl. So here are my tips for all the dog lovers that don’t like hairy furniture. Gently wet rubber gloves and brush them over the surface of the fabric, then clean off the gloves by plunging them into hot water, repeat.

Another Tip- after washing items with pet hair in your washing machine, run a quick rinse cycle to wash away leftover hair before doing the next load of laundry.

Please share your pet cleaning tips with us.

                  Dawna Brisson

                  Client Care Manager

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