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Monday's Buyer's Corner - Growing Plants With Healing Properties

Growing Plants with Healing Properties

Have you ever considered your garden could grow plants that are known for their healing properties? Learn from an expert herbalist in this weeks Buyer’s Corner

An Expert Herbalist Shares Her Tips for Growing Healing Plants at Home - Dwell

Marlee Update! 

Marlee is growing leaps and bounds every day! She still has a hard time recognizing her name and listening to formal commands were working on that! Puppy training is a tough business!  She enjoys long days with her big sister Bindi resting together and playing together in the yard and learning from her. She especially enjoys playing with the grandchildren every opportunity we get!  Recently, Marlee has been on several home showings where my clients absolutely fall in love with her! She brings much joy to great Grammie on our weekly visits and the snuggles make the visit super special! Marlee looks forward to meeting you someday soon if we haven’t met already!

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