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Thursday's Seller's Corner - Keep Your Home Showing Ready


Keeping Your Home Showing Ready!


When your home is on the market, it's almost a guarantee that a showing is going to pop up when you least expect it, and maybe at the most inconvenient time. Here are my tips for getting your home showing-ready in 10 minutes or less: -Pull up your window shades and let in as much natural light as possible. Then turn on every light, even appliance lights, and closet lights. -Take out the trash. Even if you don't think it smells bad, your buyer might. -Make your beds, and drape or fold any decorative blankets neatly on the furniture. -Got a pile of laundry sitting around? Stash it in the dryer (whether it's clean or dirty!). -Have a few decorative baskets or cubbies on hand to contain clutter, and spend a few minutes picking up any toys or knick-knacks. DM me if you'd like any more tips on prepping for those showings. I'm full of ideas!

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