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Wednesday's Community Corner - Adding a Pup to your Family? We did!

the newest members of The Marcelino Team!

If you are planning to add a new puppy to your family we know how exciting it can be, and exhausting too! LOL

We also know that through the pandemic a lot of pups found furever homes but a lot of people wanting to add to their family were scammed due to people taking advantage. Taking deposits on pups then never following through with an actual pup! We found a couple links that have helpful information to be sure the pup you are looking into is real and healthy. If you want a certain breed, hopefully you can find a local breeder where you can go and see the puppies. There are also so many pups needing homes that are in rescue We have some wonderful local rescues. 

How to Spot a Puppy Scam Online

Scam Alert: How to Get a Pet and Not Get Taken


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