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Buyers - When We First Speak!


When we talk for the first time,

there are a couple of standard pieces of information I ask.


First - Are you currently working with another Realtor?

I respect my colleagues deeply and to that point, it is important to me to be as transparent with you and as fair to them as possible.  If you have committed to another Realtor, contract signed, I would then work directly with that Realtor to get you the information you requested. 


Second -  Have you spoken to or working with a lender?

If the answer is yes, and you are pre-approved, that gives me the additional information I need to process what type of home and the price range we are looking for and get to work looking at homes.  If the answer is no, then I can help you connect with a lender or two to help you get that process started!  It is important to note, we can look at properties together even if you are not pre-approved. However, it is best practice to have a solid idea of what you can afford BEFORE we go out to showings to ensure you do not fall for a home that doesn’t fit your financial portfolio.  We can  make an offer on any property without a pre-approval letter but in today’s market an offer without a pre-approval letter is not ideal and due to the limited inventory and multiple offers, it is important to be fully prepared to submit the strongest offer possible.


Those two pieces of information are critical to the remainder of our conversation.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon. If your goal is to be in a new home in 2022,

the perfect time is now to begin the process!

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