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Creating the Magic!

Creating the Magic!

December is here! 

It is a month of celebrating traditions, holidays, festive lights, shopping, and indulging in our favorite foods. Traditions is a BIG one for me!  Once upon a time, when my children were young, the traditions were so magical. Now that they are grown and in their own beautiful homes with their own families, traditions look very different!  With 5 grandchildren ranging from 14yrs to 2yrs, there are certainly many opportunities to find the magic!  Kind of like finding the magic in working with the right Realtor!  That person who will create the excitement on your home purchase journey!  I like to think, much like I create special experiences for my grandchildren, I can do that for my clients!

If I am doing my job well, you’ll never know the behind the scenes work that goes into ensuring you experience a smooth Real Estate transaction.  In order to provide you with the highest level of customer service, there is a lot of  time invested right from the first time we meet. There is time and energy put into locating homes for you to preview and time away from my family to spend with you at each home.  There is time spent to prepare and write your offer and time to negotiate that offer. There is also time spent during the 5-6 weeks until you close and you have the keys to your new home!  I am fully dedicated to each of my clients, and willing to give everything it takes to be the best Realtor I can be for you.

But it is important for you to know and to understand that Realtors are Independent Contractors.  They do not get a weekly paycheck, it is not an hourly position, and we do not get paid until closing. I am willing to invest in you from our first meeting! As your Realtor, I am interested in creating a long term relationship and working with dedicated clients is why I became a Realtor. The feeling of passing my clients keys to their new home is magical every time! I sincerely hope that your experience with me will be positive and you will refer me to your family and friends and return for future purchases for many years to come!

So let’s make this holiday season one to remember!  Stop shopping for Realtors, and let’s create the magic together this season! Contact me today! 

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