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2022 Home Purchase?

2022 Home Purchase?  Do you have a plan?


Will this be the last holiday season in your current home? Soak in all those memories! Enjoy those family moments! When it is all over, tuck them away for safe keeping and then let’s get to work! Countdown to 2022 begins now and we will not put your dreams of a bigger home, a first time home or perhaps your retirement home on hold any longer!


 Amy’s 10 Step plan to your Home Purchase:

Step 1:   Let’s plan a meeting where we can get to know each other. I can learn more about what you are looking for.        

              I can share with you how I plan to work on your behalf to find your new home!

Step 2:   If you haven’t partnered with a local lender, we can work together to ensure you know what your financial portfolio is  

              for your new home purchase.

Step 3:   We have identified your criteria for your new home, we know how  much you can afford - time to get out there for


Step 4:   We have located your new home and we make an offer.

Step 5:   Your offer is accepted! We ensure you take advantage of any and all inspections available to ensure your making a

              sound purchase.

Step 6:   Our office has taken you through to the closing with your lenders support and we are ready to go to the closing.

Step 7:   You get the keys to your new home!

Step 8:   Move IN DAY!

Step 9:   You tell all of your friends about the amazing experience you have had working with The Marcelino Team.

Step 10: You contact The Marcelino Team for all of your Real Estate needs moving forward!

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