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How to Become a Homeowner


Did you know that Vermont’s is the 45th largest state with a projected population as of 2021 of 648,560.

Currently it is reported there are 339,439 home owners in the state of Vermont. 

If you have been considering, joining that growing number of homeowners in the state, here are 2 suggestions for getting started!


1. Get qualified

       It is important to know what you qualify for  if you are not expecting to pay cash for your       

       new home.  Meeting with a lender is an important and recommended first step. I always ask 

       my customers if they are Pre-qualified or Pre-Approved.  It is no fun to take a new customer

       to a property and have you fall in love with it to later learn that home doesn’t fit your financial

       portfolio.  You can start with your bank, or I can offer some suggestions to get you started.

2. Call The Marcelino Team

       You do NOT have to call the name on the sign of every home you drive by to request a

       showing. This is why it is important to align with a Realtor who will take the work out of the

       home buying process.  I take the heavy lift off my clients to not only do the research on

       locating the homes, but setting up all the appointments for showings and when we find you the

       home of your dreams, writing the contract, negotiating on your behalf and The Marcelino

       Team works with you to closing!  Doesn’t that sound a lot easier?  Out for a drive, call me

       with an address and I take care of the rest!  I can also tell you about our mobile app that helps

       answer the important questions about a property you see while parked in front of a home!

       If you think 1900 Realtors is a lot, just imagine having every Realtor you contact for every

       home you would like to see, calling you!  That will add a lot of extra stress to your home

       buying journey!  Let me help!


These first two steps can often be the hardest part of your Real Estate process!  My job is to keep your experience as simple as possible and stress free as can be! 

Next week, I will share more details about why YOU will be in great hands with The Marcelino Team and what sets us apart from the rest!

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