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Happy Halloween - Be Safe!


Have a Safe Halloween!



  • Use face paint whenever possible. However, if you, or your child, are planning to wear a mask for your spooky night out, make sure that the holes for the eyes are large enough to clearly see both straight ahead and  peripherally. You may have to cut the eye openings larger to allow more visibility. If any skin starts to show through the enlarged holes, you can always use some black face paint to cover the exposed areas of the skin. 
  • Prepare your child's costume for strong visibility at night by choosing a costume that can be made with bright materials.  If the theme of the costume does not allow for bright  colors, add reflective tape to your child's costume or treat bag.
  • Make sure the costume is the right size to prevent trips and falls.

Monster Route

  • Know the trick or treat route your kids take, especially if you are not going with them.
  • Younger children should have adult supervision. Older children  should go in groups and have them check in regularly, by phone, so you will always know where they are and will be.
  • Remind children to use sidewalks or paths, if available, and to cross at street corners. Never to dart out into the street or cross from between parked cars.

Candy from Strangers

  • The only time of year you allow your kids to take candy from strangers, you can never be too careful. Make sure your kids understand not to eat any candy or treats until they have been properly examined by you. This allows you to check for any possible tampering with the candy wrappers; and at the same time, you get a chance at the first pick of candy!

Drive Extra Safely

  • Slow down and look extra carefully as excited children may move in unpredictable ways.
  • Turn head lights on early.

Pet Safety

  • Don’t feed pets candy and keep glow sticks & jewelry away from your pet.
  • Never leave a costume wearing pet unsupervised .
  • If taking your pet on your spooky night out, make sure they are wearing something for strong visibility at night also.


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