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5 Items To Watch Out For When Your Preview A Home


The top 5 items to watch out for when you preview a home.


Purchasing a new home?  It is an exciting time for you and your family as you embark on this journey to perhaps your first home or your next home. While this time can be filled with excitement and curiosity, there are some things to consider as together, we open the door for the first time.

1. Check out the floors

    Floors tell a lot about a home’s stability. If they are sagging, or sloping, it is possible there are plumbing issues or worse yet, foundation problems.

2. Cracks in the walls

    Look up! Are there cracks along the ceiling or down the walls? If so, this is a possible sign of serious structural  problems. If there is discoloration in the ceiling cracks, likely this is a sign of  leakage.

3. Fresh paint

    If the home doesn’t appear to have had a lot of TLC over the years, but now has fresh paint in various areas and not throughout, it is likely this is worth a deeper look.

4. Are their disturbing smells?

    Perhaps it is smoke, animals, or just unclean. Many times this can be remediated by removal of carpet, fresh paint.  Sometimes it is a bigger issue.

5. Is there signs of water in the basement?

    When in the basement, are there dark spots in the cement? Are there water lines along the walls? Is there standing water? Is there a smell? Be sure to notice the walls - is there bowing or cracks?


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