Relocation Services


Relocating can be stressful, expensive and time consuming, regardless of whether you are relocating for a job, retirement, or even a short-distance move for better schools. With it, you risk the expense of buying a new home and selling your existing home, and the time and effort of moving your family to a new location where you hope they will be happy.

If you're planning to relocate to Vermont, let us help alleviate the stress! We have Certified Relocation Specialists here to help you with our comprehensive one stop home-finding services.


The Marcelino Team is affiliated with the several Relocation Companies, which allows us to assist you anywhere in the United States. Our relocation services can provide you access to hundreds of the nation's top real estate brokerage firms, quality and experienced brokers, and our assistance and support during the buying, selling and moving process. 

Whether you're seeking to relocate locally or outside the area, we can provide you with comprehensive relocation assistance and information, both in Vermont and nationwide.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our team! We'd be more than happy to help.