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Wednesday's Community Corner - Colorectal Cancer Awareness

The Marcelino Team supports your American Cancer Society in sharing messaging around Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.

Do you know what colorectal cancer is and when you should start testing? Please visit  the American Cancer Society's What is Colorectal Cancer? page for all the details. 

Did you know?

  • Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in the US when men and women are combined, yet it can often be detected early or prevented through screening
  • An estimated 145,000 adults are diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer each year
  • Colorectal Cancer screening can save lives, but ONLY if people get tested
  • Most Colorectal Cancers occur in people with no family history
  • Early stages of the disease have no symptoms, so proactive, timely screening is one of the only ways to detect these types of cancer
  • Colonoscopy is not the only test available. There are also take home stool based tests available. The best test is the test that gets done!  Talk with your doctor today!


Colon Cancer Screening: On a personal note From Amy

Having just gone through this with my husband, I wanted to share some information.

It can be quite scary when your doctor recommends you have a colonoscopy.  There are some logistics that are required for this type of test, that may overwhelm you if you don’t receive accurate information.


Myth: You have to take off two days of work to have this test done

Actual: The day before your test, you will need to be on a clear liquid diet.  But that doesn’t require you to not be at work.  With proper planning you will find many options to fill your hunger.   You do need to take the day of the procedure off and while it is a day of inconvenience, it can be lifesaving.  The good news is that most will only have to have the procedure every ten years!


Myth: The prep is awful

Actual: The prep isn’t as bad as you would expect.  It can be washed down with Apple Juice or Gatorade.  There is a lot of it, but remember you are clearing out your entire colon, so you will need to be prepared to spend some quality time with your toilet the night before your exam.  Remember, this is all worth ensuring you are cancer free!


Myth: Colonoscopies hurt

Actual: You are given a sedative that will put you in a “haze” which means it will not knock you out, but you will not feel anything or remember anything about the procedure


Myth: Colonoscopies are embarrassing

Actual: The Physicians are professionals, they do this every day!  They have seen it all! 


My husband had seven polyps removed.  They were called sessile polyps which is a flat mass that arises from the mucosal layer of the colon.  Not all polyps will become cancer, but it important to have them removed to ensure they don’t.  Ontime screening will continue to be part of  my husbands health plan. We will move from a ten year plan to every five due to the number of polyps removed.  This is a perfect example of open lines of communication with your medical team.  Every patient is different and has different medical needs. Be sure to have regular health checks and keep yourself educated on what cancer screening recommendations are appropriate for you.


The CDC and American Cancer Society recommends you begin Colorectal Cancer screening at age 45.

For information on the screening tests available, visit the American Cancer Society link here; Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests

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