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Preparing for Middle School


Middle Schoolers & Parents -Tips for a Successful Year


From Reviewed by: Kathryn Hoffses, PhD
10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Middle School
(Parents this is for you)
Back-to-School Study Tips
(Middle schoolers 10 great tips on organization, study habits, study space, and more)
53 Inspirational Kids’ Study Space Designs And Tips You Can Copy From Them
(Parents and Middle schoolers some great ideas to create that perfect personalized study space)
From by Mary Roth
10 Best Academic Planners: Shopping and User Guide
“There are, of course, hundreds of iPhone apps that claim to make your life simpler. But sometimes more technology means more stress. We’re glued to our screens enough as it is! Maybe the solution is to go back to the basics. Pen and paper.”


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