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Working Outdoors

Working Outdoors

Dear friends,

Last year I sent out a flyer much like this one highlighting articles with tips for learning to work from home, as many of us were thrown into that situation. As time has passed, many of us find the temporary work from home has become permanent. Luckily in todays world, an office can be much more mobile and flexible. Now that warm weather is here, if you are like me, you find it hard to be inside on a beautiful day. I hope sharing what I found on working outside will help others figure out a way to move outdoors and enjoy our Vermont summer.


Dawna Brisson

Client Care Manager





How to Create an Outdoor Office Space

Provides information on:

11 Reasons to Move Your Office Outside

Where to Place Your Outdoor Office

How to Make Your Outdoor Office Work for You

How to Create an Outdoor Office: Final Thoughts



How to Build an Outdoor Office for Cheap (Or Free)

Provides ideas on:

Step 1: Desk

Step 2: Chair

Step 3: Electricity

Step 4: Shade


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