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Start Planning Your Vegetable Garden.

Spring is here and now is the time to start planning a vegetable garden.

The University of Vermont EXTESION Master Gardener’s Zones 3-4 Planting Schedule is a great resource to start with.  As it gives you a list of vegetables, when to start seeds indoors, when to start seeds or plant plants outdoors, the best spacing between rows and plants and at what depth to plant along with approximately how many seeds in a package.  Allowing you not only to determine when to plant but also to determine what you have space for, how many packets you need to buy. Take this information along with the additional two articles listed below that provide information on how to start seeds and what you can use for starting containers and you should have enough information to make a good start. As you will see when you visit the chart, some seeds should be started now.


Here are some links to help you get started:

UVM Extension Master Gardener’s Planting Schedule article “How to Start Seeds Indoors” article “What You Need To Know About Seed Starting Containers”.


We hope these articles will inspire/prepare you to start a successful vegetable garden.

A great activity for young and old alike, happy gardening!


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