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Preparing for closing and making your move!

Preparing for closing and making your move!

Closing has been scheduled and it is now a few weeks before closing. There are several things to think about getting done to be sure your move goes smoothly!


Cancelling or transferring the utilities for the day of closing.

Request a final water reading.

Changing your mailing address with the post office, doctors, financial companies, etc.

Cancel any home deliveries such as newspaper and auto shipments. There are many more items to think about depending on the type of move you are making, in state or out of state moves. Our Moving Checklist offers a list of items you may need to think about!

Call us to get a copy of our Moving & Change of Address Checklists


Kids & Moving

Young children can be very reluctant to move, even teens. Their whole lives might have been spent in the house you have lived in only a few years. Make the move as easy as Possible for them.

A few things that can help;

Show them the new home, neighborhood, school, parks and all the areas around.

Let them help you with the packing. 

Plan activities to celebrate your new home.

Ours Kids & Moving document shares a list of ways to help your children be more comforted and welcoming of the move and provides a list of books to help with the transition.

Call us to get a copy of our Kids & Moving


  Couple days before closing.

Your attorney should be providing you with a Closing Disclosure that details all the expenses, mortgage payoffs and what your final proceeds are, that you will be obtaining at closing. It is important to go over this with them in case you have any questions or concerns.

Collect all keys and garage door openers and either leave on the kitchen counter or bring to the closing. If not packed yet, bring the original Property Tax Bill to provide to the buyer.

Due to Covid closings have been completed by Power of Attorney and not in person. Depending on the closing office, sometimes the buyer or buyer & seller can attend. As the Governor continues to open the spicket hopefully we will be back to in person closings again. We sure do miss seeing the thrill on our clients faces as they complete their home transactions.

Closing is done! Congrats!

Although the closing is over, we value long lasting relationships with our clients and referrals of your family and friends.  We are here for you  with any questions you may have, real estate related or not!

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