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You have received an offer; how do you choose?

     You have received an offer; how do you choose?

When you receive an offer, we help you review more than just the amount of money you will net, but the terms that are in the offer as well.  It is important to know what those terms are and what they can mean for you and getting to the final goal of closing. Some examples of terms are inspections, timing, financing and many other contingencies that can cause your sale to become delayed or worse fail. This becomes extremely important when you are in the position of multiple offers. Sometimes the highest price may not be the best offer when looking at all the terms that could be included. We will help you decipher and compare the offers to determine which one would best suit your needs. If the offer(s) do not meet your needs or wants, we can help you prepare a counter offer.


You have accepted the offer, what is next?

Once you’ve agreed to an acceptable offer, our Closing Coordinator, Shannon, will work with you, the selling agent, and your attorney to make sure all contingencies are completed in a timely manor and keeping everything on track to close on time. She will create you a Closing Check List that will help you keep track of the timeline of not just items you need to complete but the buyer as well. This will help you understand exactly where you are in the process at any given time.

As the contract processes the buyer will make their formal application with their lender and have the appraisal ordered. They will also schedule any inspections they are planning to complete, building inspection, radon testing, water testing etc. The seller will order any inspections that were requested and agreed to. These typically would be septic pumping and inspection and heating system inspection. Once these are all complete and satisfied, we are almost there.

To complete the process, once the appraisal is finished and buyer’s attorney completes a title search and both are submitted to the lender along with all requested paperwork from the buyer, the file will go into under writing to be approved and obtain a Clear to Close. We can then schedule the closing! This process is just about done!


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