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You are under contract, now what?

You are under contract, now what?

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Time to make your formal application to your lender for a mortgage for the property. We can send the Purchase & Sales for you to help you get started.

Next get your inspections scheduled. A Building Inspector may not be able to complete all inspections for you. We will help you find the specialized services you may need.

Pay your appraisal and credit report fee to your lender.

Choose and attorney to complete the title search and discuss title insurance.

The bank may ask you for additional paperwork and sometimes repeat paperwork. Be sure to get it to them as quickly as possible to stay on track.

   Reach out to an insurance agent for your homeowners’ policy.

   Your specific contract may include additional contingencies specific to the property you are purchasing and our Closing Coordinator will be guiding you through the contract timeline to be sure you complete everything on time.

   We also will be creating a Closing Check List for you to be sure you have a simple timeline to follow to complete your  contingencies!

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