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You found the house! How do you make an offer?

You found the house!

How do you make an offer?

There are a lot of details to take in consideration when writing an offer. It can be very overwhelming trying to be sure you have everything covered at such an exciting time. A Realtor can help provide you with the tools to make your decisions and Realtor that represents you can guide you to be sure you are protected and making a good offer.

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   Common Questions;

   Should you do a home inspection?

   What other inspections should you know about?

   How long does finance approval take?

   Do I need an appraisal?

   How long until closing?

How much should I give for an earnest money deposit and where does it go?   

Do I give the seller a certain amount of time to respond to my offer?   

Do I need to request a Fire & Safety Inspection?   

How will I decide the right price to offer?   

What am I missing?   


We have ALL these answer for you, give us a call!


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