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Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips

Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips:

How To Keep Your Home Virus-Free During the Pandemic

From By Larissa Runkle | Mar 31, 2020


Probably one of the most disturbing details to recently emerge about COVID-19 is just how long the virus can live on surfaces. Another scary thought? The fact that an estimated 42% of us aren’t even cleaning those surfaces properly. Regardless of what kinds of temperatures and surfaces you have in your home, there are things you can do to keep these dangerous pathogens at bay.

Ditch germs at the door - Kick off dirty shoes at the door, wipe down any bags, and add a trash bin near your entryway for paper or plastic packaging that may have been exposed.

Remove dirty clothes immediately - Ditching dirty packaging isn’t the only thing you should shed at the door. After all, you wouldn’t want to forget about the germs you might be wearing.

Start a clean-hands routine in the entryway - “I created a station by my front door with a little table and a Lazy Susan that has homemade hand sanitizer and lotion, alcohol wipes for phones, and a small garbage can,” says Katy Winter of Katy's Organized Home. 

Trap particles before they spread - Another way to keep germs from getting in? Use doormats in high-traffic areas—and vacuum them frequently.

Focus on cleaning high-touch surfaces - High-touch surfaces include all the things you touch the most—like doorknobs, light switches, cabinet pulls and handles, railings, faucets, remote controls, and even tabletops.

Use effective cleaning products - Some of the more frequently used active ingredients are sodium hypochlorite, ethanol, pine oil, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

Disinfect things the right way - Be sure to read labels before you start cleaning.

Set up a cleaning schedule - Once you’re armed with the right cleaning products, you’ll want to set up a cleaning schedule that makes sense for your family.


If you have kids at home, with all the extra cleaning needed to keep your home safe is a great opportunity to keep your kids busy and to teach them financial responsibility. 

There are many apps out there to help you with this. 

Forbes Staff Advisor Asia Martin’s article (Updated: Mar 25, 2020)  “9 Family Apps To Manage Allowance And Chores” is a great resource.


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