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Learning to Work from Home

Dear friends,

Many of us have been thrown into a work from home situation without much warning.  For me, it’s both my husband and I needing work space.  Others are not only dealing with this scenario but also have kids learning from home. How to find the space?  How do you stay focused? How to separate work and home time?  So many questions and very little time to prepare. So I did a little searching on the internet for tips and ideas to help find a way to be respectful of housemates and create a comfortable and productive home work space. I hope sharing what I found will be helpful to others as well, as we figure out our temporary digs.


Dawna Brisson

Client Care Manager



The 10 Best Working From Home Tips in 2020

1. Ask for what you need.

2. Create an appropriate workspace

3. Equip your workspace

4. Make sure your internet & wi-fi meets your needs

5. Setting expectations for yourself & others

6. Create a schedule and manage your time well

7. Video conferencing etiquette

8. Avoid WFH bad habits

9. Stay connected to your coworkers

10. Above all else: Be flexible



7 Tried-and-True Secrets for a Productive Home Office

1. Think Like a Mouse

2. Declutter Your Desk

3. And the Rest of the House

4. Bring in Some Green

5. Try a Calming Scent

6. Use a Smaller To-Do List

7. Take Meaningful Breaks



Home Office: 5 Tips for Healthy Working at Home

1. Make Your Workplace an Office at Home

2. A Healthy Sitting Position Relieves the Back

3. A Good Screen Is Your Eyes' Best Friend

4. Don't Forget Your Breaks

5. Stay Active With Workouts and Exercises


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