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Houseplants Brighten Your Home

Winter is a great time to brighten your home with plants!

Houseplants are not just pretty to look at but can offer so much more!


Plants have a variety of temperaments, lifespans and care routines, so your houseplants should fit your lifestyle and be as personalized as your own home. What better way to narrow down the options than to lean into your zodiac sign for answers? When in doubt, let the stars decide.

Aquarius             (1/20-2/18)         Lifesaver Plant

Pisces                 (2/19-3/20)         String of Pearls

Aries                   (3/21-4/19)         Cactusbest houseplant for your zodiac sign illustration

Taurus                (4/20-5/20)         Jade Plant

Gemini                (5/21-6/20)         Air Plant

Cancer                (6/21-7/22)         Mimosa Pudica

Leo                     (7/23-8/22)         Begonia

Virgo                  (8/23-9/22)         Prayer Plant

Libra                   (9/23-10/22)       Peace Lillies

Scorpio               (10/23-11/21)      Venus Fly Trap

Sagittarius           (11/22-12/21)      Snake Plant

Capricorn             (12/22-1/19)        Juniper Bonsai Tree


26 Gorgeous Low Maintenance Houseplants to Brighten Your Home

1. Aloe

2. Snake Plant

3. Bromeliads

4. Jade

5. Pothos

6. Rabbit’s Ear

7. Rubber Plant

8. Dumb Cane

9. Philodendron

10. Spider Plant

11. Cactus

12. Cast-Iron Plant

13. Umbrella Tree

14. Kalanchoe

15. Air Plant

16. English Ivy

17. Peace Lily

18. Ficus

19. Shamrock Plant

20. Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

21. Areca palm

22. String of Pearls

23. Lucky Bamboo

24. Zebra Cactus

25. Ponytail Palm

26. Begonia


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