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Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve got your entertainment needs covered with this Thanksgiving version of BINGO.

Great game for all ages, that can be played over and over.



How to Play

Since this game is obviously different than traditional Bingo, here’s how it works: Cut the two pages of calling cards into individual cards and put them into a bag or hat. To play, pull a card out of the hat, and call out what is on the card (or just show the card). Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up. Continue pulling cards from the bag one at a time until someone gets five in a row. 

Click the link to where you can download for free the 6 unique card version or download for $4.99 the 30 card version.



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    Place Setting Name Tag - Wire Leaf



    One Very Simple Craft for all your name tag needs.  Great for place settings, as shown, or hang from stem to label food dishes.

    Check out the leaf template and instructions from the Country Living November issue. Country Living Leaf Template




    Place template on foam block and insert pushpins along curves of leaf. Cut a 25-inch piece of 16-gauge wire ($9; Starting at the stem, bend wire, using the template as a guide.  (Loop wire at the back of the pins where the shape dips and around the front where it curves out.) Wrap excess wire around base to finish.










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      Thanksgiving Drink Station


      Drink stations can be a festive, fun addition to any type of party, and they give your guests the freedom to select their own drinks and get refills whenever they want.  Use these drink station ideas from Pottery Barn to make the perfect basic beverage setup for your next event.  Feel free to fill in with special decorations and other elements that are just right for the party you have in mind.


      All you need is:

      A place to set up the holiday drink station

      Tablecloth (optional)

      About 2-4 beverage choices.

      Holiday Straws



      Flavor Syrups

      Fruit Puree


      Decorations (optional)




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        Thanksgiving Prep!

        Thanksgiving is about being Thankful for Good Food, Good Friends and Family.

        We  hope the following tips and ideas will help you plan and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.



        Basic Tips for All Hosting the Meal

        Purchase non perishables items way ahead of time.

        Have the meal in the evening instead of midday, if you need more prep time.

        Prepare as much food ahead of time as possible.                                 

        Set the table early.

        Create a drink station.

        Additional Tips if you Enjoy Hosting but Like to Keep Cooking Simpler

        If you can, cut down on the number of traditional items offered.

        Buy rolls, cranberry sauce, pies and use packaged stuffing mix and prepared gravy.


        If you Enjoy Hosting and Some Cooking, Take it Even a Step Further

        Make it a Pot Luck or invite a small core group for the meal and include everyone for dessert.


        Enjoy Gathering with Friends and Family but Not So Much the Cooking

        Purchase Pre-made Thanksgiving Meals.

        Go Out to Eat.

        Vermont Thanksgiving Dinner Packages

        Local Restaurants, this list was put together in 2018 so please call to confirm they will be open

        Click HERE for information on some places to buy Thanksgiving dinner and have delivered.




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          Pet Safety


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            Daylight Savings

            Daylight Savings


            This year we go back to Standard Time on Sunday 11/3when the majority of the USA will be “falling back” as they change the clocks. One benefit of the time change is that it reminds you to take care of some other important home tasks that should be done at least twice a year. So while you are setting your clocks back, use this time as an opportunity   

            to take care of these important tasks in your home.

            10 Things To Do When You Set Your Clocks Backward

            · Replace the batteries in your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector   Making sure to replace and test these devices twice a year can be the difference between life and death. Make sure to help any elderly loved ones in your life as well. If they can’t do it on their own, some fire departments have programs that will assist.

            · Reverse the direction on your ceiling fan In the Spring fan blades should rotate counter clockwise to help cool down the rooms. In the Fall, switch the direction to clockwise which helps pull down the warm air that gets trapped near the ceiling. This helps save cost on heating and cooling.

            · Flip and rotate your mattress to help promote even wear and tear  

            Unless you have a no flip mattress. Then just rotate it.

            · Schedule a furnace inspection This should be done twice a year to make sure your 

            furnace is running as efficiently as possible.

            · Replace the filters in your heater and air conditioner  This should actually be done several times a year to ensure they run as efficiently as possible.

            · If you have a fireplacescheduled a chimney sweep in the Fall and in the Spring take some time to clean up the fireplace and brush down the walls.

            · Clean Out Dryer Lint Trap, Trap Housing and Vent Duct When lint builds up, it 

            restricts airflow and can lead to overheating, which can ignite the lint itself. 

            · Go through you medicine cabinet and first aid kit and discard any expired or discolored products. Dispose of any prescription medication that is expired or no longer needed.  

            You can search on for how to safely dispose of medications.

            · Go through your pantry and dispose of any expired or stale/opened foods.

            · Rotate Your Wardrobe



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