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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall home maintenance can make a big difference for your home.

Inspect your furnace

Change the filter, have your fuel company do a yearly maintenance and a safety inspection.  If you heat with wood, have the chimney checked for creosote build-up. If you hire a sweep, make sure they are certified.


Check your roof & gutters

Check your roof for leaks, missing shingles, rotted areas, make sure flashing is in tact, remove any debris. Clean out gutters and check that they are in good condition. Get any problems fixed before the Moisture does more expensive damage to your home.


Drain outside faucets

If you don’t have a freeze proof outdoor faucet, you will need to drain to prevent your pipes from cracking. Insulate or electrical tape may do the trick!


Drafts and leaks

Common places of escaping warm air-windows, doors, attics, electrical outlets, dryer vents, anywhere pipes enter your home.  Caulking, foam sealer, foam gaskets, plastic film for windows, and extra insulation are some ways to fix these leaks.


Prep your lawn for winter

Fall fertilization & proper lawn care is the key to a healthy lawn.


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