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Fall Painting


The cooler temps and lower humidity make this time of year A GREAT TIME TO PAINT!

20 Painting Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You  By Brett Martin And Ezra Dyer Dec 10, 2018


1. Sand Away Flaws

2. Buy the Best Supplies

3. Cover Furniture

4. Use Tinted Primer

5. Press Tape With a Putty Knife

6. Eliminate Brush and Lap Marks with Paint Extender

7. Scrape a Ridge in Textured Ceilings

8. Use Canvas Drop Cloths

9. Finish One Wall Before Starting Another

10. Scrape (Don't Tape) Windows

11. Box Paint for Consistent Color

12. Buy an Extra Bucket or Two

13. Wash Roller Covers

14. Take Off Those Switch Plates

15. Give Yourself a Good Set

16. Light It Up

17. Clean Dirty Walls with Degreaser

18. Start with a Loaded Brush

19. Push Paint to Avoid Runs

20. Bag It Up


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