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Apple Picking Time

Apple Picking Tips!




1. FIND AN ORCHARD  - Click HERE  to visit our Blog for a direct link to the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Assoc website for a list & links to Vermont orchards and cider producers.     

2. APPLE RIPENING  -  Apples on the outside of the tree ripen before apples on the inside and apples Do Not continue to ripen once picked.     

3. HOW TO PICK  - Roll the apple upwards off the branch and give it a little twist, Do Not pull straight away from the tree.  Also Do Not shake the branch or tree.

4. HANDLE WITH CARE  - Try not to bruise, as the apple will go bad more quickly.

5. CLEANING  - Wait and wash apples just before using.  

6. STORAGE  - Store apples in a cool dark place.  If possible store in the  refrigerator in their own drawer.  If storing in the basement or root cellar, Do Not store with potatoes.                              



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