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Lunch Packing Stations

How To Create Lunch Packing Stations

Make Lunch Meal Planning A Habit

The first step in making the process of packing lunches easier each day is to plan ahead with a lunch meal plan, so you know what you're going to pack for lunches each day for that coming week.

Make Time To Prep Ahead Some Components Of Your Packed Lunches Regularly

These prep ahead tasks could include washing or cutting produce, and/or dividing and bagging up certain treats or snacks, ahead of time, for example.

Create Refrig And Pantry Areas That Are Designated As Lunch Packing Stations

This requires that you designate a spot in both your refrigerator and pantry where all these items are gathered, so no one is searching for what they've got as choices for lunch each day. You can see a real life example of both the refrigerator and pantry lunch packing stations, as shown in the photo, sent in by a reader, Jill. As you can see she's prepped ahead and pre-bagged various types of items that

everyone can choose from, to put into their lunch box or bag, labeling the various types of foods that each bin contains. She said, "I fill all the baskets on Sunday evening for the week and the kids do all their own packing each day. It saves me a LOT of time and hassle in the morning!"

Create A Lunch Box Guidelines List To Make Sure Everyone Packs A Balanced Lunch

So to avoid that problem give guidelines that are posted somewhere near the lunch packing station about what types of items must be packed -- such as a main dish or sandwich, drink, fruit and/or vegetable, dessert, number of snacks, etc. so you are satisfied that they'll pack a reasonably balanced lunch. If you need to you can separate the food from these categories into the various bins and say something like, choose one thing a day from the snack bin, and one piece of fruit from the fruit bin.

Keep Lunch Boxes & Other Lunch Packing Supplies Organized

The final step in the process of streamlining the packing of school or work lunches is to organize your lunch boxes and other lunch packing supplies into one area, so everyone knows where to grab the items they'll need to help them pack their lunch for the day.


For more lunch packing and station ideas check out the links below!

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