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Make Your Own Sprinkler; KidWash 2 - PVC Sprinkler

This looks like a truly fun activity for the kids & maybe pets, this HOT summer!

KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

By m32825


Step 1: Get Your Parts

Head to your local hardware store for the following

3/4" pipe and fittings:
2 ten foot lengths of PVC
3 end caps
1 threaded female hose connector (slip fit)
2 elbow joints (90 degree)
2 T connections
1 pack quarter circle mister jets (12 count)

If the option of chaining your KidWash with other water toys interests you, just pick two end caps and add:
1 threaded male hose connector (slip fit)
1 hose cap

Note: you want the PVC hose connectors, not the more expensive metal fittings. Don't give up if they're not with the other PVC fittings, I found them by the sprinkler parts. 

Step 2: Get Your Tools

A measuring device, pen or pencil, saw, PVC cement, drill, and 5/32" drill bit.

WARNING: Outdoor hoses and sprinklers should be run for several minutes prior to wetting a child to prevent burns.


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