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Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips

Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips


Set Your Mower Deck Height High 2” to 3”

Taller is better for healthy roots and to suppress weeds, also make sure blades are sharp and do not mow when wet.


Leave Grass Clipping on the Lawn

Decomposing clippings add nitrogen to the soil.


Dethatch and Core Aerate the Lawn

Get your lawn off to a good start by dethatching and aerating,

as it allows moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil.


Cast Grass Seed Over the Lawn

Casting grass seed over the lawn and on bare spots

will fill in any thin areas.


Sprinkle Compost Over the Lawn

Compost is a Great Way to Feed Your Lawn, sprinkle over lawn and use back of rack to work into the grass.



If you cast grass seed and compost on the yard,

make sure to water (if needed) to keep it moist.


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