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Rainy Day Craft - The Dirty Pour

A Predicted Craft Trend for 2019

Great craft for all ages, one that can be quite simple or more sophisticated techniques can be used. 

Then go get your supplies and have them handy to turn any rainy day into a hole lot of messy fun creating unique art.


The Dirty Pour

Things are about to get messy, as artists embrace a new form of completely utensil-free painting. Known as dirty pouring, it involves mixing multiple paint colors in the same container before pouring on canvas or other materials.  Here’s why we think it’s the bomb: The paints mix as they leave the cup, blending the colors and creating unexpected colors and ultra-cool effects. You can even do a double dirty pour (a blend of blues and greens in one cup; reds and yellows in another-for instance). Cheers to that!

Basic Supplies

Drop Cloth

Disposable Gloves

Acrylic Paints-At least 3 colors

Pouring Medium-Floetrol, Liquitex, GAC800

Plastic Cups or Small Plastic Squeeze Bottles

Wood Craft Sticks to stir with

Item to be Painted

Color Wheel can be Helpful

Some Techniques use Silicone Oil or Linseed Oil

Depending on item being painted,  paper bags, cardboard, aluminum pans, wax paper all can make clean up easier.  Also something to hold item off the ground.


Check out these links for a bunch of great ideas and techniques!

Send us photos of your master pieces we can display!


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