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Composting - Mandatory by 2020

      By 2020, all food scraps will be banned from the landfill in VT


BACKYARD COMPOSTING WORKSHOP - Offered April 4th, 9th, 20th or 24th

Green Mountain Compost at 1042 Redmond Rd, Williston, VT 05495


Learn the joy of home composting and digesting in a FREE hands-on backyard composting workshop by CSWD and Green Mountain Compost!

Discover the benefits of “closing the loop” with your own household food scraps in this interactive, hands-on demonstration of a healthy compost and digesting system.

Our compost guide will show you:

Þ What type of bin is best for you

Þ Where to locate your bin

Þ What to put into your bin (and what to avoid!)

Þ How to manage your bin

Þ Troubleshooting

Þ Harvesting your compost

Alternatives to a backyard bin (pick up service, or drop-off composting)

Attendance at these popular composting workshops is limited, so sign up early!




While we applaud you for composting, make sure to do so appropriately – your compost shouldn’t contain any dairy or meat products, and should always be fenced off for the sake of your pets and wildlife. These piles of decomposing and decaying organic matter and molding food products have the potential to contain tremorgenic mycotoxins, which are toxic to both pets and wildlife.


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