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TMT Spring Newsletter - Smart Home Technology

All of the new smart home technology

offering conveniences, energy savings and safety are tempting, but it is important to do your homework.  Assess your need, understand the cost, system requirements, compatibility among devices and most of all- follow these Safety Tips.

Home Security Tips for Smart Home Technology Users

(These tips were pulled from 2 different articles, click below to read more.) &

Use a hard-wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection.

Use of strong passwords.

Secure your smart phones and computers.

Increase your home's physical security. 

A few things you may consider doing to get the most out of your home assistant while staying safe include:

Using the remote feature instead of the voice activation mode for better control.

Disable the voice order feature and allow purchases via pin-activation only.

A few key ways to stay ahead of identity theft risks include:

Regularly updating your devices and apps.

Choose your Apps wisely.

Investing in high-quality identity theft protection. 


Spring is the perfect time to get your home on the market. 

Let Us help you, by offering you a Free Market Analysis, Our “Big List of Things To Do When Getting Ready to Sell Your House!” handout, and Share our generations of knowledge with you.  


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