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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend, being a long weekend and the guiding date for the last frost, is also considered the unofficial start of summer.  

Weather permitting, most have outdoor plans for visiting cemeteries, attending parades, picnics, and planting gardens. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you local parade information and share some tips for preparing your plants for the transition from a protected inside environment to the outdoors.


Transitioning Plants to the Outdoors

Plan on a slow transition over 7-10 days

Start by putting the plants in a sheltered spot for only 2-3 hours the first day.

(sheltered from Sun, Wind, Rain and Cold)

Gradually increase the length of time outside by an hour or two a day and  

also increase exposure to the elements.

SUN- start in full shade, move to filtered sun for just part of the time, then to some direct sun for short periods, gradually increase exposure to sun, if a plant that will be in full sun. 

WIND– Protect from wind, then slowly expose to more wind.

Lastly expose to soft rain and cooler temps. 

Also decrease watering, but do not let wilt.


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