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Spring Cleaning Tips!


Now that we are officially in spring and the weather is warming,

it’s a great time to spruce up the home inside and out. 

Since outside is not an option quite yet, here are some ideas

to get your home looking great inside. 


· Make inside repairs:  Perform any necessary minor repairs and touch-ups to walls, windows, fixtures, etc.  Oil squeaky doors and hinges.  Replace all burned out bulbs.

· Freshen up walls:  Brighten interiors with fresh, light-toned paint.  If the walls are neutral and in pretty good condition, just give a good wash and touch up any nicks or scrapes.

· Replace outlet and light switch covers:  Sometimes after years of use covers get worn and dirty.  Replacing is quick, easy and inexpensive and gives that like new look.

· Update outdated or unsightly fixtures:  You can update your homes look relatively inexpensively by putting in a few new faucets, light fixtures or other accessories, such as door hardware.

· Replace or clean flooring:  If you have older carpeting that’s threadbare you might consider replacing it. If the carpet is newer you might want to just get it cleaned to remove any stains. Clean and wax all hard flooring.

· Freshen bathrooms:  If needed, put fresh caulk around shower, tubs and sinks.

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