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Give your home a fresh look for $0!



The New Year is a time of fresh starts, so why not give our home a fresh look for the new year. Below are highlights from the January / February 2018  article By Claire Vath that allows you to do just that.


The $0 Home Makeover                                                                                                      

Even on a small budget - or no budget at all - you can refresh and renew the spaces in your home with these tips for design experts.                                                                          

Start Fresh- The best way to start a room makeover is to take everything out of the room to create a   blank canvas. Rearranging furniture within your home can make the space feel new to you again, says Daniela Guini of Daniela Guini Interior Design in Chicago.

Mix and Match- As you begin rearranging, rethink how and where you use your furnishings. While you’re at it, reconsider some of those matching furniture sets you’ve purchased. Perhaps the living room side table would make a great bedside table, especially with a new coat of paint.

New Color, New Look- Whether you have enough leftover paint for an accent wall or you just want to breathe fresh life into kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture, “paint, paint, paint,” says Anna Gibson, owner of Reston, Virginia’s AKG Design Studio LLC.

Remove Art and Mirrors- “We innately feel like we’re supposed to hang decorative art or mirrors,” Guini says, “but try setting the art or mirror on the console table, fireplace mantel or dresser and leaning it against the wall instead.”

Find New Art You Already Own- That beautiful Christmas card someone sent you last year? Don’t toss it after the holidays. Wrapping paper, art paper, fabric pieces — even magazine covers or images can all become modern, interesting and textural art in frames.

Pillows- Pillows are a great way to add texture, visual interest and pops of color to any space.

Natural Items- Items from nature make beautiful seasonal décor that requires no investment and won’t pile up in the attic when you’re done displaying it — you can just toss it outside.     


Quick Tips:                                                                                                                                                       

1. Declutter - Getting rid of excess can truly transform the vibe of our homes.                                           

2. Trade up - Trade items “for keeps,” or just for a while, and refresh two homes at once.                        

3. Rethink your knickknacks - Before you run out for a new tabletop item, look around your home.                                                                                                                                         

4. New to you and free, too! - Check out these sources for free, recycled items: The “free” section of your local Craigslist site &                                                                                                      

For the complete design secrets -check out the full article on Mother Living Earth




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