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Friendly Backyard Ideas

24 Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Getaway

From: by Jessica Bennett | updated Apr 13, 2020

1) Make DIY Planters

2) Cozy Backyard Ideas

3) DIY Backyard Fire Pit

4) Plant Inexpensive Perennials

5) Living Fence Idea

6) Invest Smartly

7) Backyard Furniture Ideas

8) Small Backyard Ideas

9) Backyard Patio Ideas

10)  DIY Outdoor Seating

11)  Backyard Lighting Ideas

12)  Vintage or Handmade Backyard Décor

13)  DIY Backyard Accents

14)  Display a Collection

15)  Backyard Hardscaping Ideas

16)  Use Off-the-Shelf Materials

17)  Vertical Gardening Tips

18)  Choose a Simple Plant Palette

19) Choose an Inexpensive Paving Material

20)  10-Minute Outdoor Décor

21)  Low-Cost Backyard Seating Ideas

22)  DIY Backyard Ideas

23)  Add Vintage Hardscaping Elements

24)  Build Color with Containers



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    Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips

    Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips


    Set Your Mower Deck Height High 2” to 3”

    Taller is better for healthy roots and to suppress weeds, also make sure blades are sharp and do not mow when wet.


    Leave Grass Clipping on the Lawn

    Decomposing clippings add nitrogen to the soil.


    Dethatch and Core Aerate the Lawn

    Get your lawn off to a good start by dethatching and aerating, as it allows moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil.


    Cast Grass Seed Over the Lawn

    Casting grass seed over the lawn and on bare spots will fill in any thin areas.


    Sprinkle Compost Over the Lawn

    Compost is a Great Way to Feed Your Lawn, sprinkle over lawn and use back of rack to work into the grass.



    If you cast grass seed and compost on the yard, make sure to water (if needed) to keep it moist.


    Spring is the perfect time to buy or sell a home. If you are thinking of a move, call Don or Shannon TODAY!!




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      Congrats to Shannon - ePRO Certificate

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      Social media is evolving every day so it is vital that REALTORS® embrace the new technology and online resources that have become an integral part of the home buying and selling process. Agents who earn the e-PROÒ certification are dedicated to making the most of today's social media and technology to help consumers with their real estate needs, whatever they may be.

      For more information about NAR’s e-PRO® certification, visit or contact Shannon Marcelino of The Marcelino Team.



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