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TMT - Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer is usually a big move time. 

So we wanted to share these tips for Kids & Moving

♦ Familiarize your children with their new   home, neighborhood and school as much as possible prior to the move. Emphasize all the parks, playgrounds and fun features to which they will have access. (Now it's your turn to be the Realtor!)

♦ If you are moving a long distance, you should detach your children from their friends as gently as possible. Throw a good-bye party and distribute your new address to the other kids' parents so that they can correspond.

♦ Let your children pack and decorate a special box of their own.

♦ During the move, make it as fun as possible by sightseeing along the way, taking pictures and buying souvenirs.

♦ After the move, plan special activities that celebrate your new home and neighborhood, e.g., taking them to their favorite restaurants, throwing a housewarming party, starting a Scrapbook called Our New Home, etc.

♦ Encourage your children to write letters to their old friends, but at the same time encourage them to invite new friends over.

♦ Enroll your kids in the same sports, clubs and activities that they were  in before.

Here is a list of books that may be helpful as well;

Berenstain Bears series has a book entitled, "Moving Day" 

 "Moving House" by Anne Civardi

 "We're Moving" by Heather Maisner

"I'm Not Moving, Mama," by Nancy White Carlstrom
And finally, for your own reading, check out Lori Collins Burgan's "Moving with Kids: 25 Ways to Ease Your Family's Transition to a New Home"




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    Memorial Day

    Memorial Day Activities & Events to Honor Those Who Died


    Visit cemeteries and memorials.


    Attend Memorial Day ceremonies.


    Volunteer to place an American Flag on each grave in national cemeteries.


    Observe a minute of silence at 3:00 PM, local time.


    Attend a Memorial Day parade, festival, fair or concert such as the National Memorial Day Concert.


    Run for charity on Memorial Day weekend.


    Volunteer to support events such as the National Memorial Day Parade.


    Donate to veterans and military support groups.


    Local Memorial Day Events

    Essex  5/25/19

    Parade @ 10 am

    (Route 2A Gate F to Route 15 Gate B)


    St. Albans 5/27/2019

    Memorial Day Ceremonies

    in Taylor Park



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      The post-race festival begins in Waterfront Park at 10:00 am on race day.

      Come celebrate at the finish area in Waterfront Park with Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks as a dramatic backdrop. From the runners’ food tent to fare from local vendors, there is plenty to eat for everyone.


      Click Here for a direct link to the SPECTATOR GUIDE

      Runner Tracking | Road Closures  

      Course Music | Watching the Race


      Have Fun & Be Safe!


      The Marcelino Team



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        1. Homes show well with spring and summer flowers.

        2. Nicer weather and more daylight for showing and for moving.

        3. More Summer Buyers - School will be out soon and that means people wanting to move over summer vacation, plus new college graduates and summer newlyweds starting out.

        4. If you have children, summer vacation is a great time to move, as it allows children time to adjust to their new location before adding in the school element.

        5. Great time of year for garage sales to clean out before the move.


        Call us today for your FREE Market Analysis! - 802-846-8460



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          Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips

          Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips


          Set Your Mower Deck Height High 2” to 3”

          Taller is better for healthy roots and to suppress weeds, also make sure blades are sharp and do not mow when wet.


          Leave Grass Clipping on the Lawn

          Decomposing clippings add nitrogen to the soil.


          Dethatch and Core Aerate the Lawn

          Get your lawn off to a good start by dethatching and aerating,

          as it allows moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil.


          Cast Grass Seed Over the Lawn

          Casting grass seed over the lawn and on bare spots

          will fill in any thin areas.


          Sprinkle Compost Over the Lawn

          Compost is a Great Way to Feed Your Lawn, sprinkle over lawn and use back of rack to work into the grass.



          If you cast grass seed and compost on the yard,

          make sure to water (if needed) to keep it moist.


          Click HERE to visit BHG.COM Highlighting  7 Watering Tools for easy dry lawn solutions.



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            Decrease Nutrient Pollution

            What we can do at

            Home to Decrease Nutrient Pollution




            THE ISSUE

            When there is too much of a particular nutrient, certain plants or algae can dominate a system.  Phosphorus is one of the primary water quality challenges in Lake Champlain. 


            Runoff from roads and developed areas, and from lawns, farmlands, and other rural areas (called nonpoint sources) contribute more than 90% of the phosphorus.

            WHAT WE CAN DO

            While it sometimes may seem that the actions of one person will not make much difference, the little things we do each day—the little decisions we make can collectively have a huge impact in improving the quality of our environment. 


            Save the Lake Tips


                § Install a rain barrel and/or a rain garden.

            § Wash your car on the lawn with non-phosphorus soap.

            § Test your lawn and garden soil before fertilizing & use phosphorus free fertilizers.

            § Eliminate or reduce the application of pesticides on your lawn and garden.

            § Do not rake your yard waste into nearby streams, lakes or stormwater gutters. Leave grass clippings as mulch on your lawn.

            § Pick up and dispose of pet waste in the garbage.

            § Properly maintain your septic system.

            § Keep motorized items in good working order.

            § Learn how to properly dispose of all wastes on the CSWD website.

            § Use environmentally sound cleaning products.


            Lake-Friendly Cleaning

            Many common household cleaners are toxic to Lake Champlain, people, pets and the environment. Try these environment friendly recipes for a clean home and a clean outdoors! 



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              2019 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge

              The challenge provides eight categories of tasks and activities. Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, check out the challenge list and the VT State Parks website, as they contain a wealth of information on things to do outside. Check out the “Things To Do” tab on their website for Information on Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Biking, Parks Events & Programs, Venture Vermont, Other Activities, Family Fun and Enjoying Nature.  


              Here's how it works:

              1. Do fun outdoor activities listed on the score sheet between April 15, 2019 - October 15, 2019.

              2. Take photos of your activities

              3. When you reach 250 points, submit your score sheet and photos to Vermont State Parks

              4. Receive a VIP gold coin, good for free state park entry for rest of this year and all of next!

              5. Have a blast!

              If you are doing the challenge as a family, you can take group photos, but each family member needs their own score sheet.

              To get your score sheet CLICK HERE!


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                Why list with The Marcelino Team?

                * A local family business that loves our job!

                * Professional, ethical and trustworthy.

                * Many years of experience successfully assisting clients/customers buy and sell homes in VT.

                * Knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, and market conditions, as we have lived and owned property in this area our entire lives.

                * Great listeners and problem solvers who can get the job done.

                * Top market advisors, in determining the best listing price, so your home can sell for the right price and in the least amount of time.

                * Guide you through the complexities of buying and selling a house eliminating hassles and stress.

                * Develop the ideal marketing plan to list your property, using our generations of knowledge to combine past proven methods and the latest technology.

                * Provide excellent communication, service and support.                 

                * Simplify the process of deciphering and accepting contracts, especially those involving financing contingencies.

                * It doesn’t stop at the closing either, follow up after the sale is key as we strive to build long-lasting relationships. 



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                  Should you sell your home without a real estate agent?

                  5 Questions to Ask

                  Do I know the value of my home in today’s market?

                  Am I ready to work with a buyer’s agent?

                  Will I take charge of sales and marketing responsibilities?

                  Can I bear criticism of my home?

                  Am I willing to screen potential buyers?

                  CLICK HERE to read the full article. 


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