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Spring Break Gardening FUN!

Spring Break is a Great Time To Plant Seeds for Summer


Typically seeds should be started indoors 4-10 weeks before planting outside, after last chance of frost. Here in VT most people use Memorial Day weekend as the marker of when to plant outdoors, so planting during spring break gives you 5-6 weeks of inside growth. 

1. Good seeds for kids to plant with that time frame are Marigolds, Asters, Morning Glory. Sunflowers, Basil, Cucumber and Squash.

2. Container options are many from purchased to a variety of items you have right at home.  Egg shells work great, just remember to wash them out and poke a small hole in the bottom for drainage.  You can skip the eggshell and plant right in the egg carton also, again poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.  Toilet paper rolls work well also, cut in half then cut 4 slits around 1 end and fold the pieces in to make a bottom.  You can even use a citrus rind, cut in half, remove the inside and poke a hole in the bottom for drainage.

3. Fill containers of choice with seed starter mix and plant seeds according to package directions.

4. Place containers in a waterproof tray and water until well moistened, but not soaking.  Either place tray in a clear plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap to hold in moisture and make a greenhouse until seeds sprout, then remove plastic, as sprouts need good air flow. 

5. Place seed containers in a warm room with lots of sunshine or under a grow light.  Best to water from the bottom, keep moist but not wet.

Click HERE to visit a direct link to Get Busy Gardening for an easy DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe.


We would love to see your plants grow– Visit us on Facebook and

post your photos.





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    2018 Vermont State Park Challenge

    The below challenge provides eight categories of tasks and activities. 

    Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, check out the challenge list and the VT State Parks website, as they contain a wealth of information on things to do outside.  Check out the “Things To Do” tab on their

    website for information on Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Biking, Parks Events & Programs, Venture Vermont, Winter Activities, Other Activities, Family Fun and Enjoying Nature.  

    Venture Vermont will return soon for 2018 with brand-new challenges! Download your new score sheet below on April 15th to get started.

    You and your family will never run out of fun things to do when you participate in the Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge.


    Here's how it works:    

    1. Download a score sheet (PDF)- here is last year's as an example

    2. Do fun outdoor activities listed on the score sheet between April 15, 2018 - October 15, 2018.

    3. Take photos of your activities

    4. When you reach 250 points, submit your score sheet and photos to us

    5. Receive a VIP gold coin, good for free state park entry for rest of this year and all of next!

    6. Have a blast!

    If you are doing the challenge as a family, you can take group photos, but each family member needs their own score sheet.





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