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Happy New Year 2019


Wishing you and your family a healthy, prosperous,  and happiest 2019 New Year ahead!!


The Marcelino Team



Signal Kitchen & Burlington City Arts have re-imagined Burlington’s citywide New Year’s Eve celebration. Highlight builds on First Night’s 35-year legacy with a new series of community-produced events across Burlington’s Waterfront, South End, Old North End and Downtown Corridor. Enjoy music, art, theater, a community parade, hands-on creative activities, family-fun, modern art installations, diverse cultural events, storytelling sessions, and so much more. Many of Vermont’s leading businesses, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, and organizers are coming together to create purposeful events across the city. Together, all Vermonters can help build an annual tradition that highlights the true spirit of Burlington! Please reach out at



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    87 Indoor Games for your kids!





    Posted by whatmomslove | kids | 36 

    Check out all the activities this Mom put together complete with instructions with the following headings; Just CLICK HERE


    Tape Games

    Balloon Games

    Fun/Silly Moving Games


    Maze + Obstacle Course

    Use Your Garage

    Bring Outdoor Toys Inside

    Sports Games

    Classic Games + Activities  Activity Dice

    Get Dramatic

    Imaginative Play

    Musical + Dance

    Exercise Videos!


    Play with Active Toys



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      Holiday Custom Wrapping article

      “11 Creative Ways to Wrap Presents Without Wrapping Paper”

      BY KELLY WEIMERT Updated 11/20/18

      Offers great ideas from simple brown paper bags or kraft paper to fabric, potato chip bags, duct tape, yarn, customizable word search paper and printable chalkboard paper.

      It’s a great place to start if you want to have a customized wrap or a really fun wrap.


      has a wonderful tutorial on

      “How to Make Festive Bows”.

      It provides step by step directions for a

      Classic Bow, Layered Bow and Rosette Bow.

       Add the perfect style and color bow

      to your custom wrap.



      Last but not least, topping your package off with a special tag.

      How about a personalized ornament tag. features

      “Salt Dough Ornaments (Salt Dough Ornament Recipe)”.

      This easy Salt Dough Ornament Recipe is tried and true!

       (Originally published December 2013)

      Complete your beautiful custom wrapped gift with a

      handmade ornament tag.




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        Holiday Pet Safety

        Holiday Pet Safety: An Expert Guide

        Holiday pet safety is critical for households with pets.

        Read our expert guide to keeping your dogs, cats and other animals safe this holiday season.

        November 20, 2018      Dr. Debora Lichtenberg, VMD


        The holidays are always full of fun, families, friends, food and furry friends trying to get into as much trouble as possible. Holiday pet safety is critical, so in this article you’ll find plenty of safety tips. No matter how many times people read these warnings, we still see a load of holiday-related emergencies that could have been avoided with more careful monitoring by pet parents.


               In this expert guide to holiday pet safety, we’ll cover:

        * Which holiday foods are especially dangerous to pets

        * Why holiday scraps are worse than the usual scraps

        * How to prepare and maintain a pet-safe holiday environment — in the kitchen and throughout your home

        * Which holiday plants are toxic to pets

        * What your pets wish you’d do for them over the holidays

        * Tips for preparing guests (and their children) to be around your pets

        * And much more… CLICK HERE for the full article.




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          TMT Winter Newsletter 2018

          According to a article

          5 Reasons to Embrace the Winter Home-Selling Season”.  As housing markets continue to struggle for enough inventory to meet buyer demand and prices continue to rise, serious home buyers are widening their scope and choosing to shop throughout the year, not just during the warmer months.



          How to Use Wool Dryer Balls and Why You Should

          By Mary Hunt

          The Trouble with Fabric Softeners.

          Certain Fabric Softener chemicals can be very allergenic, can cause eczema, can cause respiratory irritation, have been linked to asthma and can cause nervous system effects like headache and dizziness.

          Why Wool Dryer Balls.

          Wool dryer balls cut at least 25 percent of the drying time. ... Because dryer balls also agitate against the fibers in clothes and linens, everything feels softer coming out of the dryer. And when used properly, they also take care of static cling.

          Other advantages are 100% wool, 1 set will last for thousands of loads, no batteries, no refills, no repairs or reconditioning required.

          Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

          Supplies Needed

          • Wool yarn in several colors (make sure it’s not “washable”)
          • Crochet hook or yarn needle
          • Pantyhose
          • Fabric scissors

          Let’s Begin.... CLICK HERE for the link to the full instructions! HAPPY MAKING!


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            1 Week Before Thanksgiving

            Per Food Network Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Countdown Planner

            1 WEEK BEFORE section they mention make place cards for your

                     guests if you’ll be hosting a sit-down meal and figure out a seating plan.         


            We’ve got you covered with this paper pumpkin!

            (These samples were created by our Client Care Manager, Dawna)






            Downloadable Template from

            Colored cardstock or paper

            3” piece green floral wire

            Glue stick and hot glue gun


            Marker or use labels like Dawna did

            Item to put inside

            We hope you enjoy making this fun craft and we'd love to see yours!


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              November Is An Ideal Time To LIST Your Home!

              Several studies show that, on average, homes listed during this time are more likely to sell, sell more quickly, and sell closer to the asking price.  Here are some of the reason why November is an ideal time to list your home.


              Fewer Listings/Less Competition

              Buyers usually have fewer homes to choose from over the holidays.

              That means less competition for you and more buyers checking out

              your home, either online or in person.


              More Motivated Buyers

              Buyers looking for a home in November/December, are usually highly motivated buyers.  

              The traditional barriers to winter house-hunting (bad weather, short days, school year,

              holiday preparations) don't apply.   If your house is available for them to view,

              during this time, these buyers are more likely to make an offer close to listing price.


              Tax Benefits

              A house marketed in November may lure buyers looking for year-end tax breaks.

              Buyers looking to lower their taxes may snatch up a home late in the year so they can

              deduct home purchase costs.  If someone sold a house during the traditional selling season

              and faces capital gains tax on the deal, they may be highly motivated to buy by year end,

              since closing on the purchase of another house may let them avoid paying capital gains tax.


              Corporate Relocation

              The biggest months for corporate relocation are January and February. 

              Providing even more very motivated buyers wanting to move quickly and get settled.


              If the above information has you thinking about listing, we want to offer you a Free Comparative Market Analysis for your home with no-obligation.

              Give us a call and let us set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. And of course, feel free to call us if you have any other real estate needs.

              We look forward to hearing from you.




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                2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving!

                Per Food Network Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Countdown Planner, that we shared with you, it’s

                Time to Clean Out Your Freezer, Make and Freeze Pie Dough, or an Entire Apple Pie, 

                Decide on Décor, Freeze Homemade Stock, and Freeze Rolls. Click HERE for 2 week before recipes!


                If you own or want a Breadmaker, try this recipe Dawna in our office uses regularly from Regal Ware, Inc.’s Breadmaker Book.

                This “Butter Rolls” recipe creates rolls that are moist, delicious and best of all easy.


                All Ingredients at room temperature (70-80°F/21-27°C)


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