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Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips

Spring Organic Lawn Care Tips


Set Your Mower Deck Height High 2” to 3”

Taller is better for healthy roots and to suppress weeds, also make sure blades are sharp and do not mow when wet.


Leave Grass Clipping on the Lawn

Decomposing clippings add nitrogen to the soil.


Dethatch and Core Aerate the Lawn

Get your lawn off to a good start by dethatching and aerating,

as it allows moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil.


Cast Grass Seed Over the Lawn

Casting grass seed over the lawn and on bare spots

will fill in any thin areas.


Sprinkle Compost Over the Lawn

Compost is a Great Way to Feed Your Lawn, sprinkle over lawn and use back of rack to work into the grass.



If you cast grass seed and compost on the yard,

make sure to water (if needed) to keep it moist.


Click HERE to visit BHG.COM Highlighting  7 Watering Tools for easy dry lawn solutions.



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    Decrease Nutrient Pollution

    What we can do at

    Home to Decrease Nutrient Pollution




    When there is too much of a particular nutrient, certain plants or algae can dominate a system.  Phosphorus is one of the primary water quality challenges in Lake Champlain. 


    Runoff from roads and developed areas, and from lawns, farmlands, and other rural areas (called nonpoint sources) contribute more than 90% of the phosphorus.


    While it sometimes may seem that the actions of one person will not make much difference, the little things we do each day—the little decisions we make can collectively have a huge impact in improving the quality of our environment. 


    Save the Lake Tips

        § Install a rain barrel and/or a rain garden.

    § Wash your car on the lawn with non-phosphorus soap.

    § Test your lawn and garden soil before fertilizing & use phosphorus free fertilizers.

    § Eliminate or reduce the application of pesticides on your lawn and garden.

    § Do not rake your yard waste into nearby streams, lakes or stormwater gutters. Leave grass clippings as mulch on your lawn.

    § Pick up and dispose of pet waste in the garbage.

    § Properly maintain your septic system.

    § Keep motorized items in good working order.

    § Learn how to properly dispose of all wastes on the CSWD website.

    § Use environmentally sound cleaning products.


    Lake-Friendly Cleaning

    Many common household cleaners are toxic to Lake Champlain, people, pets and the environment. Try these environment friendly recipes for a clean home and a clean outdoors!


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      2019 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge

      The challenge provides eight categories of tasks and activities. Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, check out the challenge list and the VT State Parks website, as they contain a wealth of information on things to do outside. Check out the “Things To Do” tab on their website for Information on Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Biking, Parks Events & Programs, Venture Vermont, Other Activities, Family Fun and Enjoying Nature.

      Here's how it works:

      1. Do fun outdoor activities listed on the score sheet between April 15, 2019 - October 15, 2019.

      2. Take photos of your activities

      3. When you reach 250 points, submit your score sheet and photos to Vermont State Parks

      4. Receive a VIP gold coin, good for free state park entry for rest of this year and all of next!

      5. Have a blast!

      If you are doing the challenge as a family, you can take group photos, but each family member needs their own score sheet.

      To get your score sheet CLICK HERE!


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        Why list with The Marcelino Team?

        * A local family business that loves our job!

        * Professional, ethical and trustworthy.

        * Many years of experience successfully assisting clients/customers buy and sell homes in VT.

        * Knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, and market conditions, as we have lived and owned property in this area our entire lives.

        * Great listeners and problem solvers who can get the job done.

        * Top market advisors, in determining the best listing price, so your home can sell for the right price and in the least amount of time.

        * Guide you through the complexities of buying and selling a house eliminating hassles and stress.

        * Develop the ideal marketing plan to list your property, using our generations of knowledge to combine past proven methods and the latest technology.

        * Provide excellent communication, service and support.                 

        * Simplify the process of deciphering and accepting contracts, especially those involving financing contingencies.

        * It doesn’t stop at the closing either, follow up after the sale is key as we strive to build long-lasting relationships. 



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          Should You Sell A Home In 2019?

          If your home no longer matches your lifestyle, perhaps due to family changes or employment prospects, you may be ready to sell your home in 2019.  Forget about national housing market trends. If you're thinking about selling a home, you want to know if there's buying demand in your area. That'll determine how much you can reasonably expect to sell your home for.  Keep in mind that you likely will have to pay a real estate commission of around 6% of the sale price. Buyers also may ask for the seller to cover their closing costs.

          Also, if you sell a home, you'll need a new place to live.  If you're upsizing to a bigger home, make sure you have enough equity in your current property to afford the next one.

          Sellers should also complete any half-finished remodeling or repairs.

          CLICK HERE to read the full article.


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            Green Up Day - May 4th


            GREEN UP DAY - MAY 4TH!

            Green Up Vermont is a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the state of Vermont. 

            On the first Saturday in May annually, Green Up  Vermont sponsors a state-wide Green Up Day and Town Coordinators organize volunteers to clean up roadside trash in their respective towns. Green Up Vermont provides the well-known bright green bags for collection of trash.


            Some towns have bag pick-up available prior to Green Up Day.  Click here for the list! 




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              Rainy Day Craft - The Dirty Pour

              A Predicted Craft Trend for 2019

              Great craft for all ages, one that can be quite simple or more sophisticated techniques can be used. 

              Then go get your supplies and have them handy to turn any rainy day into a hole lot of messy fun creating unique art.


              The Dirty Pour

              Things are about to get messy, as artists embrace a new form of completely utensil-free painting. Known as dirty pouring, it involves mixing multiple paint colors in the same container before pouring on canvas or other materials.  Here’s why we think it’s the bomb: The paints mix as they leave the cup, blending the colors and creating unexpected colors and ultra-cool effects. You can even do a double dirty pour (a blend of blues and greens in one cup; reds and yellows in another-for instance). Cheers to that!

              Basic Supplies

              Drop Cloth

              Disposable Gloves

              Acrylic Paints-At least 3 colors

              Pouring Medium-Floetrol, Liquitex, GAC800

              Plastic Cups or Small Plastic Squeeze Bottles

              Wood Craft Sticks to stir with

              Item to be Painted

              Color Wheel can be Helpful

              Some Techniques use Silicone Oil or Linseed Oil

              Depending on item being painted,  paper bags, cardboard, aluminum pans, wax paper all can make clean up easier.  Also something to hold item off the ground.


              Check out these links for a bunch of great ideas and techniques!







              Send us photos of your master pieces we can display!



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                Plant a Tree!

                What a Great Project for April Vacation 

                School vacation week holds both Earth Day and Arbor Day. One common theme between these days is the benefit of trees. How about getting the kids involved in selecting, picking the site, planting and caring for their own tree. 




                Cultivating connections to grow trees!

                in our communities. Check out their Tree Selection Tool that puts Vermont's Tree Selection Guide in an interactive format. You enter your site requirements and desires, and out comes a list of recommended trees. The site also provides a Resource Hub with LOTS of additional info. 





                Earth Day 4/22/2019


                Protect Our Species

                All living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the complex web of life. We must work together to protect endangered and threatened species: bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, whales and more. One of their take action items is What You Need to Know About Trees and Why We Need to Protect Them.



                National Arbor Day  4/26/2019


                   NOW IS THE TIME. THE TIME FOR TREES.

                Trees provide the very necessities of life itself.  They clean our air, protect our drinking water, create healthy communities, and feed the human soul.  But these life necessities are threatened around the globe.  To address this, we’re launching an unprecedented undertaking: The Time for Trees initiative.  Together, we can create change … through trees.  Learn more about our efforts to plant 100 million trees in forests and communities and inspire 5 million new tree planters by 2022 — the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day.




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